Tastes of DreamVille

You can find food & drink stands scattered all over DreamVille. Here are some food and drink experiences you will certainly not want to miss.


The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is located at the beginning of the Magnificent Greens Area and is the perfect spot for a delicious breakfast or tasteful lunch and / or diner. The covered area is home to a nice selection of caterers and offers you the possibility to eat in an authentic looking environment.



The Marketplace

The Marketplace is the vibrant heart of DreamVille where lots of shops, services, food & drinks are gathered around big sitting areas. Read more about the Marketplace by clicking the button below! 



Cold beer pick-up

You can pick up your cooled tray of beer upon your arrival at DreamVille to start the day off just right! The pick-up locations are just behind the entrances of DreamVille. 

Cold beer pick-up will be available in the Add-On Sale as from June.



Veggie, vegan & allergies

You can find veggie, vegan and gluten-free options at DreamVille. Ask for more information at each food and drinks stand so they can give you all the necessary details. In the TML App you will also find and overview of all the different options.