DreamVille areas

Magnificent Greens Area

Feel welcome at the Magnificent Greens Area, where you can choose your own spot to pitch your tent. Bring your own camping gear or save yourself from overpacking by pre-ordering a Tent package. The Magnificent Greens’ sanitary facilities are plentiful and of high hygienic standards. Enjoy a nice BBQ in one of the many BBQ Areas, discover new dishes at the Marketplace or just chill with your new friends at your District House. We promise your stay at the Magnificent Greens Area will be magical!

The Magnificent Greens team and crew are at your service 24h/24h.


Camp2Camp Area

Camp2Camp is all about facilitating your camping experience in an ecologically and socially responsible way. You won’t have to bring any camping gear yourself: everything will be ready upon arrival.

Choosing Camp2Camp means you get pre-pitched accommodation, making it the easiest way to contribute to a social cause. The area offers separate sanitary facilities for Camp2Camp visitors only.

The Camp2Camp team and crew are at your service 24h/24h.


Friendship Garden Area

Would you like to stay close to your friends? DreamVille offers the possibility to stay together for groups of 10 friends. The Friendship Garden packages guarantee a dedicated spot in a designated camping area for you and your friends, where groups from all around the world gather. Here, your circle of friends grows instantly! Staying at the Friendship Garden includes your group’s very own Tomorrowland shelter, which you get to keep, of course.

Join the Friendship Garden, which offers separate sanitary facilities for Friendship Garden visitors only. The Friendship Garden team and crew are at your service 24h/24h.


Easy Tent Area

Would you like to indulge in the DreamVille atmosphere but without the hassle of carrying your camping gear? The Easy Tent Area offers limited edition Tomorrowland tents that are readied for you with an inflatable air mattress and sleeping bag. In your tent, you will also find a night light, a mirror and a lock for your tent. Of course, the limited edition tent and all the items in it are yours to keep.

The Easy Tent Area offers separate catering and sanitary facilities for Easy Tent visitors only. The Easy Tent team and crew are at your service 24h/24h.


Montagoe Area

Enjoy your stay in one of the spacious accommodations of the Montagoe Area. With comfortable beds and soft sheets, everything is foreseen for you to relax and absorb the wonders of DreamVille in luxury.

You will be welcomed in the Montagoe Lobby. The Montagoe offers quality catering, a swimming pool, a separate bar, restaurant and more. The Montagoe Lobby team is at your service 24h/24h.


Mousai Area

The Mansion is the ultimate experience in luxury accommodations, with 24h reception staff. Are you interested in having a private garden, fully equipped bedrooms, a private bathroom and a stocked fridge? What about additional services such as room service, a butler and more upon request?

Located in the countryside, the Mousai Area surrounds you with nature but keeps you within walking distance of Tomorrowland.