After your booking

Immediately after purchase, the Main Buyer receives a booking confirmation via email within 48 hours with the details of your order. Make sure to check your spam folder or unwanted emails.

Following options are only available for the Main Buyer of the Global Journey Package, with exception of the Add-on Sale. 

Booking overview 

You will receive a Confirmation Mail including all detailed information after your purchase. 

Address Confirmation or pick-up 

More info soon 

Add-on Sale

In the Add-On Sale, you will be able to purchase Food experiences, DreamVille breakfast formulas, lockers, and more. More info will be available at a later stage.


Travel info 

The Main Buyer will receive all necessary Travel info before your departure, via email.


Visitors with disabilities

Global Journey puts in a great effort to make the festival and accommodations accessible to visitors with disabilities. If you have any special requests, please e-mail