The Official Tomorrowland Travel

The Official Tomorrowland Travel

Travel within a Magical Fantasy world, uniting the People of Tomorrow.

Global Journey thanks the People of Tomorrow for travelling along. You made Tomorrowland and Global Journey magical.
Information about 2015 will be released in begin January 2015. 


The way of working will be the same as last year : 

  • Choose your package and calculate its price 

  • As from the moment Global Journey Packages go on sale you purchase the package of your choice

  • Register all necessary information and agree with general rules and conditions.

  • After payment is accepted, you will receive your confirmation e-mail

  • Flight tickets will be send later


Attention ! You don't need to pre-register for Global Journey Packages. All information needed will have to be filled out during purchase procedure.
After having bought a Global Journey Package, you don't need to personalise your bracelet. We handle it for you with the details you registered when buying your Package.


Global Journey Packages are the easiest way to travel to Tomorrowland. Global Journey Packages offer you the very best service, covering your trip from the moment you take off all the way through to the return journey home. Tomorrowland offers you the chance to create your own package according to your own situation and preferences.

You can choose between a Flight Package, Train Package or a Hotel Package. Then personalise your accommodation type and Tomorrowland Pass.

After purchasing your personal Global Journey Package, we take care of the rest for you.


Keep in mind! You can only enter the DreamVille Gathering Opening Party on Thursday with a DreamVille Pass. If you have chosen a hotel for accommodation, you will not be allowed to enter the Gathering (DreamVille).


Number of packages per person: Minimum: 1 package - Maximum: 4 packages 
(depending on the type of package selected)


There are General Global Journey Rules and Conditions which you automatically accept when buying your Global Journey Package. 


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