Flight Packages

Global Journey offers you Flight Packages with flights departing from all over the world. Fly together with the People of Tomorrow to unite at Tomorrowland.

You can create your own flight package according to your own needs and preferences.

Global Journey wants to give you a unique experience by taking you on an unforgettable journey that creates memories that last forever.



  • Return flight to Brussels Airport
  • Accommodation (DreamVille and/or Hotel)
  • Full Madness Pass (Regular or Comfort)
  • Newspaper during Tomorrowland 
  • Tomorrowland Goodie Bag
  • All necessary transfers
  • Belgian Journey (for those who arrive on Wednesday)
  • Detox Day (for those who depart on Tuesday)



For some destinations you already arrive on Wednesday or return home on Tuesday. Your arrival or departure date does not limit your accommodation choice. If you arrive on Wednesday or return home on Tuesday and you wish to stay at DreamVille, you have to stay one night in a hotel. Your stay in a hotel is included in the package price.

Travellers who arrive on Wednesday are offered a Belgian Journey. On Thursday you discover the beauty of a Belgian city and some specialties of Belgium together with thousands of other People of Tomorrow.

Travellers who return home on Tuesday are offered a Detox Day. On Monday you can recover from the Madness at a unique location with some relaxing and healthy activities.