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Make sure to check the website and FAQ, before contacting Tomorrowland.
By doing so, you can limit the amount of mails in the mailbox and raise the reply time for questions which cannot be found at the website. 

General questions

Where and when is Tomorrowland 2019?

More information about Tomorrowland 2019 will be announced soon.

What is the minimum age to attend Tomorrowland?

The minimum age limit to enter the festival is 18. People born in 2001 will be granted entrance even though they turn 18 after the festival. Anyone who turns 18 in 2019 is permitted entrance.

This is a strict policy and anybody born in 2002 or later, even if accompanied by an adult, will not be permitted entrance.

Can I work at Tomorrowland, even as volunteer?

It is not possible to apply for a job at Tomorrowland. 

  • Every year Tomorrowland works with the same suppliers and their loyal staff.
    During the production days there is no time to train new crew. 
  • The acts and dancers are the same team each year and this cannot be offered to other people.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to work at Tomorrowland as it is prohibited by Belgian Law.

Ticket Sale

Start Ticket Sale

More information about Tomorrowland 2019 tickets will be announced later this year. 


What are the official ticket channels?

Only buy your tickets via the Official ticket channels listed below. Make sure you do not buy any tickets from secondary or auction sites.

Tomorrowland.com (Paylogic)
Official Travel Shop for Global Journey Packages
+  Official External Tomorrowland Travel Partners

Type of tickets

What is a Full Madness Pass?

This is three-day entrance pass to Tomorrowland and gives you access to the festival site from Friday until Sunday. This ticket does NOT include camping at DreamVille, to stay at DreamVille you'll need to buy a DreamVille Package.


What is the difference between a regular Pass, a Pleasure Pass and a Comfort Pass?

All tickets give you access to Tomorrowland and all the stages. 

  • The Regular ticket gives you regular access to the festival. Comfort zones (VIP decks) are not included in your ticket. 
  • The Pleasure ticket gives you regular access to the festival with access to 2 different comfort zones (VIP decks). The Main Comfort situated at the Main stage is not included.  
  • The Comfort ticket gives you access to all Comfort zones (VIP decks) at the festival. 

DreamVille, parking, lockers food & drinks are not included in Regular, Pleasure or Comfort tickets.

What is a DreamVille Package?

A DreamVille Package includes:

  • Access to The Gathering; the pre-party at DreamVille on Thursday 
  • Depending on your ticket choice: Regular or Comfort access to Tomorrowland during 3 days.
  • Access to DreamVille and your choice of accommodation during 5 days (DreamVille Magnificent Greens, Friendship Garden, Easy Tent, Relax Room, DreamLodge, Kokono, Cabana or Mansion)
  • Access to sanitary facilities & the Marketplace at DreamVille.


What is a Global Journey Package?

Global Journey Packages are the official Tomorrowland travel packages. These are the easiest way to travel to Tomorrowland. Global Journey offers you an all-in experience, covering your trip from the moment you take off all the way to the return journey home.

You can find more information about the Global Journey Packages here.

Tomorrowland Account

Why do I need to create an account?

By creating a Tomorrowland Account, you are registered for the Tomorrowland 2018 ticket sales. You need to use your Tomorrowland Account to enter the ticket sales. 
In your Account you find your personal details, preferences and ticket sale dates. In the future other information about Tomorrowland will be available. 

More information here


I have problems with my Tomorrowland account? I did not receive the email to activate my account?

Did you use the Facebook login? You don't need to activate your account. You are able to sign in at the right above corner of the Tomorrowland website. 

You did not use the Facebook login? 
Tomorrowland uses a service that prevents blocking the email to most providers. However there still can be a delivery issue for various reasons. 

  • Double check your SPAM, Unwanted or mail Quarantaine folder.
  • After checking your SPAM and other folders, please register again with the correct email address. 

I made a typo in my personal details.

  • Typo in your name?
    Please contact Tomorrowland by the contact form you find in the FAQ page. 
  • Typo in your address or somewhere else? You are able to adapt this in your account at the section Account when you are logged in. 


When can I expect my automatic refund

  • Weekend 1: as from Thursday July 26th 2018
  • Weekend 2: as from Thursday August 2nd 2018

Please be aware it is possible your refund is only visible onto your bank account or creditcard receipt a few days after your refund was processed.

Contact cashlessrefunds@tomorrowland.com if this is not the case. 

When can I expect my manual refund?

The start of the manual Refund Process for both festival weekends is Monday August 20th 2018.
You can expect your refund to be visible in your account within 2 weeks after this date. 

I forgot to request my refund

The refund deadline to request a refund was August 15th 2018, 12h00 CET. There are no refunds possible after this date.


Press accreditation

Press accreditations are only possible if you are a photographer or journalist with an existing medium. Not for personal purposes or a hobby.

Submit your request here


Contact Tomorrowland

Make sure to check the website and FAQ first, before contacting Tomorrowland.
By doing so, you can limit the amount of mails in the mailbox and raise the reply time for questions which cannot be found at the website. 

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