Welcome at DreamVille

Welcome at DreamVille

DreamVille. A vibrant city that welcomes 38,000 festival visitors after an excellent day at Tomorrowland. A city that isn’t just a festival campground, but rather a meeting place where more than 200 different nationalities come together. A city where different personalities meet and where international friendships are made. A city where the People of Tomorrow eat, sleep, live and especially enjoy their 5-day experience.

In addition to being a festival camping ground, DreamVille is primarily a place to forge friendships, share experiences and recharge your batteries. There is a Marketplace with food stands from around the world, a teahouse, a fresh bakery, a butcher’s shop, a supermarket, BBQ areas, a jewellery store and even a real hairdressers and make-up salon where the Angels of Beauty will give you a makeover. In short, it’s an experience and location that the whole world comes home to!



You can only purchase a DreamVille ticket in the form of a DreamVille Package or a Global Journey Package. The DreamVille Packages are a combination of a specific type of DreamVille accommodation and a Full Madness Regular or Comfort Pass. The Global Journey Packages let you choose a Travel Package that includes one of the various DreamVille accommodations.

  • A DreamVille Package or Global Journey Package (incl. DreamVille accommodations) gives you access to DreamVille and Tomorrowland during the whole weekend.
  • The different DreamVille Packages/accommodations: The DreamVille Magnificent Greens Package is valid per PERSON and not per tent. The Friendship Garden and spectacular Friendship Garden Packages are valid for 10 people. The Easy Tent Package (2 people/4 people), Spectacular Easy Tent Package (2 people/4 people), DreamLodge Package, and Spectacular DreamLodge Package are valid per TENT. The Relax Room and Cabana are valid per ROOM.
  • The choice of your DreamVille Package guarantees you a campsite on one of the camping grounds. It is not possible to reserve a specific spot. (Unless you have purchased a Friendship Garden Package for 10 people.)