Welcome at DreamVille

Welcome at DreamVille

DreamVille is a vibrant city that welcomes 35,000 festival visitors after an exuberant day at Tomorrowland. Apart from everything you could expect from a decent festival camping, DreamVille has some unique features. We have a marketplace with multiple shops, ranging from a tea house to a fresh bakery, several community centers, wonderful activations and even our very own warming up party, called “The Gathering”.

You will be invited to unite and share experiences with your fellow DreamVillers while you recharge your batteries for more madness. Our ultimate goal is to keep you immersed in the same mind-blowing atmosphere that characterizes Tomorrowland, for the entire duration of your stay. The quality of service, total experience and beautiful surroundings all contribute to this unique summer experience.


All DreamVille tickets can only be purchased as a DreamVille Package or Global Journey Package. The DreamVille Package is a combination of a specific DreamVille accommodation and access to the festival (regular or comfort). When buying a Global Journey Packages you can choose a travel package including one of the different DreamVille accommodations.

  • A DreamVille or Global Journey Package (including DreamVille accommodation) allows you to access the festival & camping site during the entire weekend.
  • Different DreamVille Packages/ accommodation: The DreamVille Pack is valid per PERSON and NOT per tent. The Easy Tent & Dream Lodge Pack is valid per TENT. The Relax Room Pack is valid per ROOM.
  • A DreamVille Package ensures a camping spot at one of the DreamVille campsites. Reserving a certain place is not possible (only when you have bought a Group Camping)