Minimum age

The minimum age limit for entry to Tomorrowland and DreamVille is 18.
People born in 2001 will be granted entrance even though they turn 18 after the festival. 
Anybody who turns 18 in 2019, is permitted entrance.
This is a strict policy and anybody born in 2002 or later, even if accompanied by an adult will not be permitted entrance.


Access to the camping

DreamVille access is only possible when you buy a DreamVille Package or Global Journey Package including a DreamVille accommodation. When buying a Global Journey Package you can choose travel packages including one of the different DreamVille accommodation types.

The DreamVille Packages include your choice of a DreamVille accommodation type and always include a Full Madness Regular or Comfort Pass.

A DreamVille or Global Journey Package (including DreamVille accommodation) allows you to access the festival & camping site during the entire weekend.

All DreamVille Packages include:

  • Access to The Gathering on Thursday 18/07 or 25/07 – Hours: 14h00- 01h00
  • Regular or Comfort access for Tomorrowland during 3 days.
    Weekend 1 : Friday July 19th 2019 until Sunday July 21th 2019
    Weekend 2 : Friday July 26th 2019 until Sunday July 28th 2019
  • Access to DreamVille during 5 days.
    Weekend 1 : Thursday July 18th 2019, 11h00 until Monday July 22th 2019, 12h00
    Weekend 2 : Thursday July 25th 2019, 11h00 until Monday July 29th 2019, 12h00


Different DreamVille Packages/accommodations:

By offering a wide range of accommodations, DreamVille has an answer to every budget.

  • Magnificent Greens Package (1 pers.)
  • Magnificent Greens Tent Packages (1 or 2 pers.)
  • CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Package (2 pers.)
  • CAMP2CAMP Friends Package (10 pers.)
  • Friendship Garden Package (10 pers.)
  • Spectacular Friendship Garden Package (10 pers.)
  • Easy Tent Packages (2 or 4 pers.)
  • Spectacular Easy Tent Packages (2 or 4 pers.)
  • Supreme Easy Tent Package (2 pers.)
  • Relax Room Package (2 pers.)
  • Spectacular Relax Room Package (2 pers.)
  • DreamLodge Package (2 pers.)
  • Spectacular DreamLodge Package (2 pers.)
  • Kokono Package (2 pers.)
  • Cabana Package(2 pers.)
  • Ensuite Package (2 pers.)
  • Mansion Package (10 pers.)​


  • In case of loss or theft of your DreamVille/Tomorrowland bracelet, this will not be refunded or replaced.
  • Access to the camping ground can be refused or denied at all times.
  • Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political, social movement or group, are forbidden.
  • The following are not allowed at DreamVille: cars, motor (cycles), trailers, caravans, mobile homes, etc.