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Coming this December: Tomorrowland's 'One Year' Movie

A movie that will sum up a full year of Tomorrowland festivals and events in 2024.

Embark on a cinematic journey like no other as Tomorrowland presents the 'One Year' Movie, a film set to encapsulate the magic of Tomorrowland's festival and events throughout 2024. Scheduled for release in December 2024, this movie promises to be an unforgettable spectacle for the People of Tomorrow around the globe.

Produced by the talented in-house video team behind Tomorrowland, 'One Year' will be more than just a movie; it's a celebration of two decades of Tomorrowland's influence on global culture. Drawing on the essence of the festival's spirit, the film will feature extended sequences from all festivals and events held throughout the year.

But 'One Year' will go beyond mere visual spectacle. Through intimate interviews with artists, performers, and the People of Tomorrow, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the festival's impact and significance. From the pulsating energy of the MainStage to the hidden gems nestled within the festival grounds, every frame of the film aims to capture the essence of Tomorrowland's diverse and inclusive atmosphere.

Releasing in December 2024, One Year will be a spectacle to witness. Stay tuned for more details...