One World Radio

This is how you tune in from your country!

Find out how you can tune in to the sound of Tomorrowland!

One World Radio is the official Tomorrowland digital radio station and content platform, streamed by listeners all over the globe. Listeners who tune in to One World Radio will find exclusive mixes, unique tracks, new releases and the most iconic live sets from 18 years of Tomorrowland featuring a range of hosts, shows and specials. What initially started as a temporary project turned into an enduring success story and a permanent radio station that has been a popular hub for electronic music lovers across all genres and borders for over three years

Check out how you can tune in from your country below.

United Kingdom

In The United Kingdom? Good news! You can now tune in through DAB and DAB+ in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Wrexham & Chester, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Surrey and North Sussex, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Glasgow, Winchester, West Midlands (Black Country), Bristol, South Birmingham, Cardiff (Filler), Basingstoke.

The Netherlands

Living in The Netherlands? Just like your southern neighbours, you can tune in to One World Radio through DAB+.


Living in Belgium? You can tune in to One World Radio through DAB+.


Both in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (Romandy), and in the German-speaking part (Basel, Bern, and Zurich), you can enjoy One World Radio through DAB+.

Girl waving Dutch flag at TomorrowlandGirl waving Belgian flag at Tomorrowland


If you live in Malta, you can tune in to One World Radio through DAB.

Romania (Bucharest)

If you live in Bucharest, Romania you can listen to the Sound of Tomorrow on 92.1 FM.


Is your country not on the list yet? One World Radio is available 24/7 via the Tomorrowland App, and YouTube, as well as Radioplayer, and TuneIn. All around the globe.

Don't fret! Tomorrowland continues to invest in the daily connection with its Tomorrowland community across the entire world. Further expansion in Europe is planned in the coming months.