People of Tomorrow,

Earlier this month, Belgium's national government announced that large-scale festivals can take place from the second half of August. Yesterday, the local government (Boom & Rumst) has decided that the 16th edition of Tomorrowland cannot take place in 2021.

We are very surprised and puzzled by these contradictory messages from our authorities. In the next few days we will explore all possible options and try to obtain some clarity for our visitors and suppliers.

We keep looking positively towards the future and strongly believe that music will unite us again. 

Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever



DreamVille est un endroit vivant: le nouveau chez-soi de dizaines de milliers de Visiteurs pendant leur séjour à Tomorrowland. Un village accueillant où les People of Tomorrow mangent, dorment, vivent et profitent de leur séjour de 5 jours. Ici, des personnes de tous horizons se rencontrent et des amitiés internationales se nouent.