Compensation Buyers 2020 

For Tomorrowland Winter 2020 buyers

The Belgian Federal Cabinet of Labor, Economy & Consumers issued a ministerial decree regarding the coronavirus epidemic and the travel industry. This initiative has been taken to protect both the travel sector, hotels, apartments, and all of its customers.

This initiative gives the travel industry the legal framework to provide the travelers with a travel voucher, or so-called 'corona voucher'. Sunweb Group has issued the corona voucher and send it to you via e-mail at the end of May 2020. The voucher will have a validity period of a minimum of 1 year; as will be indicated in detail on the voucher. This voucher is protected financially for its full value by the SGR Travel Guarantee Fund Foundation.

If you haven’t used your voucher yet, you now have two options:

Option 1

If you prefer not to use your corona voucher, you can request a cash refund from October 31, 2020. All Main Buyers will receive an email with updated information about how to request this refund. 

Option 2 

You can spend your voucher, plus 5% extra, in one of the Sunweb Travel Shops. The value of your voucher has been updated in your Tomorrowland Account. You will be informed by email later this week about how to use your voucher.
If you use your corona voucher before October 31, 2020, Tomorrowland will offer you access to an exclusive sales moment for Tomorrowland Belgium 2021.

Each Main Buyer will be contacted with more specific information. Please check the FAQ for further questions.



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