At the festival site


You can only enter Tomorrowland Winter by purchasing a Tomorrowland Package or festival pass through the official Tomorrowland Winter ticket shop. Access to the festival is only possible if you have a valid Tomorrowland Bracelet registered under your name. 

Minimum age 

The minimum age to enter Tomorrowland Winter is 18 years old. Note, you must be at least 18 years old before the start of the festival. This is a strict policy and no exceptions will be made, even if the minor is accompanied by an adult.

Visitors with a disability 

If you’re planning to come to Tomorrowland Winter and need special assistance, please contact

No entry 

Access to the festival grounds can be refused or denied at any time.
Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances that express an explicit political, social movement, or group are forbidden.



As you are staying in Alpe d'Huez, you can easily store your belongings at your chalet or hotel. There are also a limited number of lockers available at the festival site to store your belongings.


Use of the toilets is free of charge at Tomorrowland Winter.

It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. If caught doing so, you run the risk of being removed from the festival grounds.

TML by Tomorrowland - Fashion & Merchandise 

Discover the Official TML by Tomorrowland Fashion Collection and Tomorrowland Winter Merchandise, available at:

Happiness awaits in every fibre…

Not allowed objets 

It is not allowed to enter the festival grounds with the following objects:

  • animals (except guide dogs)
  • own food and drinks
  • spray cans
  • drugs (except for medications accompanied by a doctor's note)
  • glass
  • cans
  • plastic bottles
  • weapons
  • football club flags
  • sticks
  • walking sticks (medical crutches and devices excepted)
  • banners
  • drones
  • items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions
  • blunt, stab or thrust weapons or firearms or other items that might be used as a weapon
  • items that might have a negative effect on the safety, health or wellbeing of other festival-goers
  • sprays
  • fireworks
  • liquids
  • torches
  • personal heaters
  • any other item that may be considered as dangerous by the organization.

All directions and instructions of the (security) personnel should be followed immediately. In case of suspicion or actual possession of illegal or dangerous weapons, security is authorized to stop you.


A lot of effort and manpower is invested to turn Tomorrowland Winter into a magical fairy tale world. Please show respect and act mature!

If you destroy any of the decorations, access will be denied for the entire duration of the festival. The organization also reserves the right to file a criminal complaint.

Reclycling Facilities 

Respect the Holy Grounds of Tomorrowland Winter and Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine Ski and show respect for Mother Nature. Join our mission by sorting your waste and recyclables in the right bins. Dispose your waste and recyclables in the right bin at one of the brand-new sorting islands at Tomorrowland. 

The Recycle Team will be there to answer all your questions about sorting at Tomorrowland Winter and to help you keep the Holy Grounds clean.

Zero tolerance drugs policy

Tomorrowland Winter conducts an absolute zero-tolerance policy in regard to drugs.

It is forbidden to use, deal, and/or to be in possession of drugs. If you are caught using and/or dealing drugs or if you are found in possession of drugs, you will be forced to leave the festival grounds. This policy is rigorously enforced and in relevant cases means handing over offenders to the Police. 

Publicity: Flyers and posters 

It is prohibited to distribute flyers or to hang posters during the festival. If you wish to promote one of your events, Tomorrowland Winter offers the possibility for you to place an advertisement in the Tomorrowland newspaper, which is distributed amongst visitors. For more please contact:


Please read the General Rules & Conditions of Tomorrowland Winter.

These are very important for you to be aware of what is allowed or not and to be informed about the conditions concerning the ticket sale.
Please make sure you read these before buying a ticket. During the ticket sale, you are obliged to accept the General Rules and Conditions of Tomorrowland Winter.