Glorious 1-day packages


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Discover the Tomorrowland magic for one day and party at all the stages in the village and on the mountains and enjoy a great winter sport day.

1-day Packages are available for Wednesday March 18th, Thursday March 19th or Friday March 20th. 

A 1-day Package includes:

  • General access to Tomorrowland Winter (stages in the Mountains and the village) for 1 day
  • Lift & ski pass for 1 day
  • Shuttle from Grenoble or Bourg d’Oisans to Alpe d’Huez and back
  • Service fee and payment cost


  • Lodging is not included. 
  • Use of the shuttle is mandatory. It is not allowed to take your own car. 
  • Your Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet will not be shipped. You will receive more information on how to pick up your Bracelet closer to the festival.

Shuttle Locations and Hours

  • Bourg d'Oisans: A dedicated Tomorrowland Winter Parking is included in the ticket price. Location of the parking and shuttle will be announced closer to the event as well as the shuttle hours. 
  • Grenoble: There is no dedicated Tomorrowland Winter Parking available. Location and hour of the shuttle will be announced closer to the event. 

A 1-Day Comfort Package INCLUDES

This upgrade includes:

  • ​Access to the Comfort area at Main Stage for 1 day 
    • Main Stage View
    • Covered & Heated Area
    • Delicious Fingerfood
  • Access to the Comfort area at one of the other stages


Bourg d'Oisans  
1-day package - Shuttle Bourg d'Oisans € 160
1-day Comfort package - Shuttle Bourg d'Oisans € 275
1-day package - Shuttle Grenoble € 175
1-day package Comfort - Shuttle Grenoble € 290