A travel and/or cancellation insurance can be booked for your Tomorrowland Winter Package.  Both before and during your stay, situations can occur that can cause annoying financial situations without a good insurance policy.


Cancellations Insurance

The cancellation insurance needs to be added to your Winter Package during booking and is valid per order. The names attached the cancellation insurance cannot be changed. 
The cancellation insurance fee is 4,5% of the total package price and €3,50 policy costs per order. On top of that amount you pay 9,25% insurance tax per order (over the cancelation insurance price).

Following cancellation reasons are covered: 

  • Illness or accident
  • Passing or severe illness of family 1st, 2nd degree
  • Passing of 3rd degree family
  • Compensation for unused travel days in case early termination of journey
  • Involuntary unemployment after stable employment
  • New job after unemployment
  • Pregnancy in case you weren’t pregnant at the moment of reservation
  • Pregnancy complications 
  • In case your car breaks down for reason outside of your control before vacation by car
  • Cancellation due to existing illness in case situation unexpectedly deteriorates 

The cancellation insurance covers among others the costs origining from cancellation with a valid reason, in accordance with the above mentioned terms and list with cancellation reasons.

Payment for unused travel days is granted due to:

  • Unforeseen hospitalization of minimum 1 night during period of travel
  • Termination of travel due to unforeseen event

You can find the General Terms and Conditions of the cancellation insurance here.