Top up my e-ticket

How can I top up my e-ticket?

If your Bracelet is not shipped, you can top up your e-ticket in your Tomorrowland Account. 

  1. Go to your Tomorrowland Account.
  2. Click “Activate” and enter the 13-digit barcode of your e-ticket.
  3. CASHLESS: You can charge your e-ticket with ‘Pearls’. At the festival site you can pick up your Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet which will be linked to your e-ticket. You can use your Bracelet to pay for food & drinks at Tomorrowland Winter. Find more info here


Bonus Pearls

Bonus Pearls: If you top up your Bracelet or e-ticket before March 17 - 17:00 CET, you receive Bonus Pearls.

  • Top up € 120 and receive 2 Bonus Pearls
  • Top up € 240 and receive 4 Bonus Pearls
  • Top up € 360 and receive 7 Bonus Pearls
  • Top up € 480 and receive 10 Bonus Pearls
  • Top up € 600 and receive 15 Bonus Pearls
  • Top up € 1000 and receive 25 Bonus Pearls