Activate My Tomorrowland Bracelet

How to activate My Bracelet?


  1. Take the bracelet out of your treasure case
  2. Go to the 'My Bracelet' section in your Tomorrowland account and click 'Activate Bracelet'
  3. Enter the 6-character code on the back of your Bracelet. Received multiple Bracelets? Make sure to check which Bracelet belongs to which friend.

    • You can only activate one Bracelet per account.
    • Each attendee needs their own Tomorrowland Account.
  4. Once your Bracelet is activated, you can charge your Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet with "Pearls Tomorrowland's very own cashless currency, to pay for food and drinks at Tomorrowland Winter.

    Bonus pearls

    If you top up your Bracelet or e-ticket before March 17 - 17:00 CET, you receive Bonus Pearls.
    • Top up € 120 and receive 2 Bonus Pearls

    • Top up € 240 and receive 4 Bonus Pearls

    • Top up € 360 and receive 7 Bonus Pearls

    • Top up € 480 and receive 10 Bonus Pearls

    • Top up € 600 and receive 15 Bonus Pearls

    • Top up € 1000 and receive 25 Bonus Pearls



My Bracelet will not be shipped, how do I activate it?

If shipment of your Tomorrowland Winter Bracelet was not included, you can top up your e-ticket in your Tomorrowland Account.

More information on My Bracelet will not be shipped.

I didn't receive my Bracelet yet

If shipment was included but you have not received your Bracelet at home by the time you leave for the festival, you can pick up your Bracelet at the festival site. You will not be able to top up your Bracelet or e-ticket in advance.