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Faq TLW - My Bracelet

General questions

Did I do my refund correctly?

After you fill in your refund information on your Tomorrowland account you should press “Update” a pop-up will appear saying “Success – data updated”, this means your refund has been requested.

If you are not sure everything was done correctly you can go back to the refund page on your account. If the form has the data you filled in then everything has been saved correctly. You still can edit the form until 2nd of April, 23.59 CET if you made a mistake in the form
Make sure your Tomorrowland bracelet has been added to your account as this is necessary for the refund. 

When can I expect my automatic refund?

You can expect your automatic refund as from March 21st, 2019
Please be aware it is possible your refund is only visible onto your bank account or creditcard receipt a few days after your refund was processed.

Contact if this is not the case. 

When can I expect my manual refund?

The start of the manual Refund Process is April 8th, 2019

You can expect your refund to be visible in your account within 2 weeks after this date.

I forgot to request my refund

The refund deadline to request a refund is April 2nd 2019, 23h59CET. There are no refunds possible after this date.