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The Grand Sablat Glacier Tour

Get your mind blown away by the ultimate freeride experience in untouched nature. The Grand Sablat Glacier Tour is an unforgettable adventure that starts from the Pic Blanc at the top of the ski lifts (altitude 3330m) and offers a 2000m vertical drop of pure pleasure. This activity is perfect if you are at ease on every slopes and are seeking a thrilling freeride experience. This tour takes you into the beautiful Grand Sablat glacier, in a high and wild mountain area. Like icing on the cake, the journey ends with a magnificent helicopter ride back to Alpe d'Huez, overflying the mountains.

This tour is only available for advanced skiers or snowboarders. Avalanche equipment is provided by the guide.

The Grand Sablat Glacier Tour starts every day at 9:30.

Ticket prices

Advanced level

The Grand Sablat Glacier Tour - Ultimate Freeride lesson

Guidance in group - 1 half day

€ 163,50