27th of July 2019


UNITE With Tomorrowland will welcome the most spectacular group of entertainers in the universe: The Amicorum Spectaculum. 

One of the most mythical themes in the history of Tomorrowland.


Location: Athens
Venue: Fencing Center (Open Air)

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Location: Marsa
Venue: Marsa Sports Grounds

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Location: Porto
Venue: Parque Oriental da Cidade do Porto

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Location: Barcelona
Venue: Parc de Can Zam, Santa Coloma de Gramenet

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One World

A Magical day

Four miraculous Amicorum Spectaculum wagons are about to embark on a fascinating journey traveling towards the mystical horizons of Athens, Barcelona, Malta and Porto. With the introduction of the magnificent theme, UNITE With Tomorrowland is set to be a wonderful summer gathering. Visitors can dive into a magical world with a massive DJ line up on stage and the unique live satellite connection with the Tomorrowland Belgium mainstage.