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Unite Porto EN

Where and When is UNITE with Tomorrowland Portugal 2019?

UNITE with Tomorrowland Portugal 2019 will take place at Parque Oriental da Cidade do Porto, Porto on July 27, 2019 (Saturday).

Doors wil open at 4pm. The event will start at 5pm.

How can I buy a ticket for UNITE with Tomorroland Portugal 2019?

You can buy your ticket here:

The purchase is limited to one (01) ticket per person and this event is for 18+ years old.

We strongly advise you NOT to buy tickets elsewhere (company or individual person) , as;; and are the only authorized points of sale for this event. Websites like Viagogo/ Stubhub and others are not official sales point, and may be fraudulent sales and there is no way for us to guarantee you that the ticket you are buying is valid.

What does the VIP ticket include, besides the entry?

VIP ticket include:

- Exclusive VIP area, with privileged view to the stage

- Exclusive Bar (drinks not included)

- Finger Food

- Exclusive WC

What time will doors open and the event duration?

Doors will open at 4pm. Event will start at 5pm and will last until around 3am.

How can I enter the venue?

You can only enter the venue with an activated wristband. Please note that the wristband is your ticket and the only payment method available on site.

How and when will I receive my wristband?

You will receive your wristband July 15 onwards, at the address you have provided on the moment of the ticket purchase. Please follow all instructions that come with to activate and charge it in advance.

I still haven’t received my wristband and I am from abroad. What can I do?

You can reach out for help here: / +351 217 941 400

How can I activate my wristband?

You can activate your wristband here: Follow all instructions you have received with the wristband. You can also find the instructions on your e-mail. As you activate it, charge it to save time on event day.

Can I share my wristband with someone else?

No. Wristbands are personal and not shareable and must be presented in your wrist, undamaged. Any damaged or forged wristband presented at the moment of entry means that the person carrying it will NOT enter.

How can I charge my wristband?

Read carefully all instructions you got with the wristband or check your e-mail. Please note that the event is fully cashless which means that the wristband is your entry ticket and your payment method in the event.

We strongly advise you to charge your wristband with money before arriving the event so you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want.

There will also be charging points at the venue.

Can I re-sell my ticket?

No, you cannot.

I can no longer go to the event. Can I be refunded?

There are no refunds and all sales are final.

Can we re-enter the venue throughout the day?

Once you leave the venue you are not allowed to re-enter it again

Is there any reason that my entry can be blocked at the door?

Yes. If you carry any dangerous object, or any political /social movement or group message. Please be aware of any item you are bringing that may correspond to these characteristics.

Also note that purchased tickets at non official websites are at your full responsibility as they may not be valid.

Visitors with disability

If you have any disability you will have a specific area to see the show. You just need to buy the general admission ticket. In case of any doubt, please do reach us out at

Guide dogs are allowed in the venue.

Please note that if you are bringing company to the event, that person will also need a valid ticket.

Will there be any merchandise on sale?

Yes, at the venue on july 27th.

How do I get to UNITE with Tomorrowland Portugal 2019?

You can check all directions through this link

What are the forbidden items at the venue?

- Any object that may be considered dangerous (knives, guns, any pointy objects, etc)

- Helmets;

- Alcholic beverages or drugs;

- Boxes with food;

- Glass objects;

- Powerbanks;

- Umbrellas;

- Animals*;

- Bottles (caps will be removed);

- Sound recorders or professional equipments for image/ video/ sound;

- Luggage;

- Any object that may be throwable;

- any political /social movement or group message promoting hate or discrimination.

*Guide dogs are allowed in the venue.

We strongly advise you to re-check any items you bring to the venue to make sure your entrance goes as smoothly as possible.

Lockers/ Cloakroom

There will be a cloakroom exclusive for items that are not allowed in the venue. As it is a limited space, please note that we may not accept all items so we strongly advise you to re-check all items before going to the venue.

The cloakroom is free and will be open from 4pm to around 3am.

Press accreditations

If you belong to an existing medium and want to cover UNITE with Tomorrowland please send us an e-mail to with the following information:

- Medium Name

- Journalist

- Camera/Photo journalist name

Is there any age restriction?

Yes. This event is for +18 years old. If an underage turns 18 still in 2019, entry will be allowed. ID is mandatory.

Can I buy a ticket at the venue?

Yes, as long as the Event is not sold out. We strongly advise you to buy your ticket as soon as possible.