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FAQ UNITE with Tomorrowland - Mexico

General questions

Where and when is UNITE with Tomorrowland Mexico 2018?

UNITE with Tomorrowland Mexico takes place at Deportivo Lomas alta in Mexico City.  

Dates Saturday July 28th 2018

What are the opening hours?

To be announced

What are the check-in hours?

12:00h to 03:00h

Is re-entry possible?

No re-entry is NOT possible. 


What is the minimum age to attend UNITE with Tomorrowland in Mexico?

The minimum age limit to enter to the festival is 18.


Access to the festival ground can be refused or denied at all times. Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political, social movement or group, are forbidden.

What are the prices for food and drinks?

Prices for food and drinks will be communicated at UNITE with Tomorrowland.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cashless system work?

All payments within the UNITE with Tomorrowland Mexico's festival grounds will be made through the cashless bracelets.


Where can I top-up my cashless bracelet?

There will be top-up stands available throughout the festival grounds where you can add credit to your bracelet by paying with cash or debit/credit card


What happens if I lose my cashless bracelet?

The bracelets are designed not to break, unless they're voluntarily broken or ripped. Therefore, they won't be replace in the event of loss or theft. 


Can I get the remaining credit on my bracelet refunded?

Of course. Once the festival is finished we will enable a website where you can request a refund with the number that is on the bracelet. 

How to get there?


UNITE with Tomorrowland Mexico takes place at Deportivo Lomas Altas. Mexico City is situated at the centre of the country.  Here you can find different ways to get to UNITE with Tomorrowland.

The address of the venue is Deportivo Lomas Altas. Av Constituyentes 851, Industrias Militares de Sedena, 01219 Ciudad de México, CDMX, México.

It can be easily found by GPS or Google Maps.

The Deportivo Lomas Altas is a Venue of easy access. You have different options to get there. One of the easiest ways to do so is by public transportation; Taxis and similar services are also a good option.

By public transport?

By Bus

You have a wide range of possibilities to get to Parc de Can Zam by bus.

There are several of metropolitan buses available: We recommend lines 34-A & 113-B (stop at Av. Constituyentes – Colegio de Arquitectos)


By car
Leave on time: Please consider that the total travel time could be prolonged with approximately 1 hour due to dense traffic in and around Mexico and the festival area.

If you decide to take the car, the best option is getting to Ronda de Dalt (B-20) road and taking exit 19. You can also get to the Festival taking C-32 and Ronda Litoral

Warning: Parking outside the designated parking areas will not be tolerated. Offenders risk a fine and/or their car being towed away by the police.

The Festival organization is not responsible for any theft, robbery or damage within the parking area, so make sure you watch your belongings and please, do not leave valuable objects in the car.

Camping at one of the parking is strictly prohibited.

Taxi drop-off

Due to the high demand after the festival, it might be hard to find a taxi for the return trip. Remember there are other options


By Airplane

The Mexico City International Airport is located at around one hour from the Deportiovo Lomas altas.

Ticket sale

Start ticket sale

It is necessary to Pre-register for the UNITE with Tomorrowland 2018 Pre-sale.


Create your personal Tomorrowland Account to enter the UNITE with Tomorrowland pre-sale.


You are registered after activation of your Tomorrowland Account.


Pre-Registration dates:



The pre-registration will open on Tuesday, February 20 at 2:00 PM CET and will close on Tuesday, February 26 at 11:59 PM CET


Ticket Sale Dates:

Pre-Sale – Wednesday, June 13th 2018 at 13:00PM CDMX Time

Ticket Sale – Friday, June 15th 2018 at 13:00 PM CDMX time

How can I buy a ticket?

*Pre-Registration ONLY needed for Pre-Sale. If Pre-Sale period has expired, please go to ticket shop (STEP 2).


STEP 1 Register and create your Tomorrowland Account. Fill in your personal details. After you completed all information, you will receive an email to activate your Tomorrowland Account. Click on "Activate my account". Only after you have activated your account, you are registered for the UNITE with Tomorrowland pre- sale.


STEP 2 Go to your Tomorrowland Account at the day of the pre-sale in order to access the ticket shop.


STEP 3 You need to verify your personal details.


STEP 4 Payment of the tickets. You must pay your ticket immediately or your order will be cancelled and your tickets will go back on sale. Check if the spending limit of your credit card is high enough and if you can make international payments (to Mexico). Otherwise please contact your bank. Failed payments will not be reprocessed and your application will automatically be rejected.


STEP 5 After payment, you receive the confirmation email of your order. Here you can find your order number and your shipping address. Save this email until the end of the festival.


STEP 6 You need to personalize all tickets. Please fill in every name and email address of your friends. Tickets which are not personalized, can be cancelled.


Enjoy UNITE with Tomorrowland Mexico

* Access to pre-sale is only permitted by using the personalized link in your Tomorrowland Account. If you do not use this personal link, tickets will be cancelled.

Where can I register?

You can register here at the Tomorrowland website.

Why do I need to register?

In order to enter for UNITE with Tomorrowland pre-sale and buy your ticket to this year’s festival you must complete the pre-registration. If you have not `re-registered before Pre-Sale opens, you will not be able to purchase a UNITE with Tomorrowland ticket during Pre-sale. Once Pre-sale period ends, registration won’t be needed.

Important: Pre-Registration does not guarantee you a ticket.

During the Pre-Registration you will need to fill in following info: first name, last name, e-mail address, postal address, country, nationality, mobile number, gender & birthdate.

After you have entered all information, you will receive an email to activate your Tomorrowland Account.

Only after activation, you are registered. In your Tomorrowland account you can find the link to Pre-sale and you are able to manage your personal data.


Problems to pre-register? You did not receive a confirmation mail?

UNITE with Tomorrowland uses a service that prevents blocking the e-mail to most providers. However there still can be a delivery issue for various reasons. To solve this, we kindly ask you to:

Double check your SPAM, Unwanted or mail Quarantine folder.
Resubmit the pre-registration form and double check the entered e-mail.

If this still doesn’t work, please try to preregister with a gmail or hotmail mailbox. These are known to work well and do not block the pre-registration mail.

Official ticket channels

Buy your tickets ONLY from the authorized sales channel or official authorized tour operators and resellers. Tickets you have obtained otherwise will be cancelled. Do not buy your ticket on the street or on sites like Viagogo. It may be a fraud or false ticket.

Can I upgrade/change my ticket type?

Under no circumstances can your ticket be upgraded or changed once it has been purchased.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Tickets cannot be cancelled. All purchases are final.

Can I resell my ticket?

No. Furthermore we strongly discourage you to buy tickets from other people, as we cannot guarantee the validity of the ticket being sold. 

Problems with your tickets?

The UNITE with Tomorrowland ticket sale is based on the software of Superboletos.

If you have any problems with your ticket, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

What is the difference between a General Pass and VIP?

All tickets give you access to UNITE with Tomorrowland and to the stage.

The Regular ticket gives you regular access to the festival. Comfort zones (VIP decks) are not included in your ticket.

The VIP ticket gives you regular access to the festival with access to the VIP decks. Direct and exclusive access to the venue. Exclusive zone with favored view. Exclusive Bars. Exclusive VIP top-up points. Exclusive restrooms.

Tomorrowland Account

Why do I need to create an account?

By creating a Tomorrowland Account, you are pre-registered for the UNITE with Tomorrowland 2018 pre-sale. You need to use your Tomorrowland Account to enter the ticket sales only during Pre-Sale period. In your account you find your personal details, preferences and ticket sale dates. In the future other information about UNITE with Tomorrowland will be available. 

I have problems with my Tomorrowland account

I did not receive the email to activate my account?

Did you use the Facebook login? You don't need to activate your account. You can sign in at the top right corner of the Tomorrowland website.


You did not use the Facebook login? Tomorrowland uses a service that prevents blocking the email to most providers. However there still can be a delivery issue for various reasons. Double check your SPAM, Unwanted or mail Quarantaine folder. After checking your SPAM and other folders, please register again with the correct email address.

Press accreditation

Press accreditations are only possible if you are a photographer or journalist with an existing medium. Not for personal purposes or a hobby.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Contact UNITE with Tomorrowland in Spain

Make sure to check the FAQ first, before contacting us. This way we can limit the amount of mails in the info mailbox and be able to answer the most important questions in detail. E-mails containing questions of which the answers can be found on the website will therefore not be answered.

No answer found in the FAQ?


At the festival

General info

All visitors who present themselves at the entrance of the UWT grounds must be in the possession of a valid UWT Ticket.


A UWT ticket grants one (1) person admission for the day. Anyone in the possession of a UWT ticket enters the UWT at his/her own risk.


The minimum age for UWT is 18 years. There will be no exception to this rule, not even if the person concerned is accompanied by a parent, guardian and/or other adult.


For security reasons, visitors leaving the UWT grounds will not be allowed to re-enter the grounds. All instances of forged UWT admission tickets or Bracelets will be prosecuted.


UWT tickets or Bracelets are neither refunded nor exchanged for another type of ticket. Stolen, damaged or lost Bracelets will neither be replaced nor refunded.


All registered, valid, and activated Bracelets shall be given to the attendees upon entering the festival grounds and/or camping grounds.


The Organizer and the official ticket seller reserve the right to verify the identity of the festival visitors upon entering the UWT grounds. If a visitor is unable to identify him/herself, he/she will be refused admission to the UWT grounds, without any right to a refund of the admission price.


Valid proof of identity includes: a valid ID, passport or driver’s license. The name on the proof of identity must be the same as the name in which the Bracelet is registered. Copies of identity papers are not accepted.


Once purchased, tickets may no longer be exchanged/upgraded to another type of ticket, nor will it be possible to change the name and/or address indicated.

Payment methods?

UNITE with Tomorrowland is Cashless. Bracelets and POP will be the payment methods in the venue.

This means your Bracelet will not only grant you access to UNITE with Tomorrowland (validated) but it will also be the only way to pay for food and drinks (once charged or recharged). 


UNITE with Tomorrowland encourages the People of Tomorrow to bring the flag of their country to the festival grounds. 


Using the toilets is free of charge at UNITE with Tomorrowland. There are wooden boards underneath and surrounding the toilets, which will be cleaned on a regular basis.

It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. When caught urinating in public you run the risk of being removed from the festival grounds.


Photo devices/ Cameras/
Digital photo cameras and/or video cameras are allowed on the grounds with the exception of (semi) professional equipment. UNITE with Tomorrowland advises to make as many movies as possible and put loads onto YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc.!

Photo- and film recording
During the festival there will be photos and video recordings: when entering the festival grounds all visitors give their silent consent to the organisation to use and broadcast this footage.

Selfie sticks
Selfie sticks up to 1m of length are allowed.

First Aid?

During the festival health workers and medical staff will be permanently present. You can recognize them by their flag with a red cross and their uniform. If you need to bring your medication to the festival, please make sure you have a medical letter with you to show at the entrance. 

Can I bring my medication?

Tomorrowland conduct an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs.

If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate.  We can only allow these specific medications if you can present a valid medical certificate at the entrance. 


To be announced.

Charging your mobile phone?

To be announced. 

Visitors with a disability

More information soon to be announced

Bracelet info

General info

Don't forget to bring your printed ticket with you on the day of the event. Bracelets wont’ be send by postal mail at home. You can get your bracelet at the cashless stands within the venue. 


As a reminder, these are the Bracelet instructions:


A     You may top up the Bracelet with money to purchase drinks, food, etc… inside the festival grounds. The Bracelet credits will be the only accepted paying method. There will be devices and recharge points.

B.     If you still have credits in your Bracelet at the end of the festival that you didn’t spent, you will be able to fulfill a form to have the money refunded (with an associated processing charge).

Starts: July 31st at 10:00am
Ends: 3rd of August 11:55pm
Fee: $20.00

C.     Our team is at your disposal for any doubts you may have.


How to use your cashless bracelet?

1. Order with an operator

2. The operator must show you the payment screen so you can validate your order

3. The operator will place the device over your bracelet to charge you

4.  The operator must show your remaining credit.

Rules & Regulations

Not allowed objects

It is not allowed to enter the festival grounds with any of the following objects: animals (except guide-dogs), own food and drinks, any glass objects, cans, plastic bottles, spray cans, drugs, weapons, football club flags, sticks, walking sticks (medical crutches and devices excepted), banners, items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, any blunt objects or thrust weapons, firearms or other items that might be used as a weapon, items that might have a negative effect on safety, health or wellbeing of the attendants, fireworks, liquids, torches and any other item with flammable characteristics which may be considered a dangerous hazard by the organization.

UNITE with Tomorrowland decoration

The organisation invests a great deal of effort and manpower to turn UNITE with Tomorrowland into a magical world. Every visitor needs to show proper respect! Tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction to the decoration will result in immediate removal from the festival. Access will be denied for the entire time of the festival. 

Zero tolerance drugs policy

UNITE with Tomorrowland conducts an absolute zero tolerance policy regarding drugs!

It is forbidden to use, deal and/or be in possession of drugs in the festival grounds. If you are caught using and/or dealing drugs or if you are found in possession of drugs, you will be forced to leave the festival grounds. We will keep a keen eye out to make sure that everyone adheres to this rule.

This policy is rigorously enforced and in relevant and clear cases will lead to our personnel notifying and handing over to the Police.


Directions and instructions of the (security) personnel should be followed immediately. In case of suspicion or actual possession of illegal or dangerous weapons, security is authorized to stop you.

Publicity flyers and posters

It is prohibited to distribute flyers or hang posters during the festival,l in the streets or on the festival grounds.


More info on:

General rules and & conditions?

Please read the general UNITE with Tomorrowland Spain terms, rules and conditions regarding the ticket sale. These are very important for you to be aware of what is allowed or not and to be informed about the conditions concerning the ticket sale.


Advice: Please make sure you read this before buying a ticket. During the ticket sale you are obliged to accept the general rules and conditions of UWT.


More info on:


Safety is one of the most important priorities of UWT. Therefore, the Organization co-operates with the local police.