How to order a 1-day package

Step 1. Complete the online ticket request form 
Choose the number of tickets and fill in the request form with your personal and company details. 
Choose your payment method carefully, you cannot change your payment method afterwards.  Following payment methods are available: Bank Transfer, Mastercard and VISA.

Ticket Request Form 

Step 2. Verification by Tomorrowland Winter 
Your request will be verified and you will receive an approval or decline email within 10 days. 

Step 3. Payment 
After receiving the approval email, you have 2 weeks to complete the payment. Attached to the approval email, you find the proforma invoice.

Once the payment has been done, you will receive a confirmation mail and invoice. Please be aware invoices cannot be adapted. 

Step 4. Personalisation
Immediately after paying the tickets, the Main Buyer receives an email from Paylogic to personalise the tickets. After personalisation, you will receive all tickets. 

Every ticket has to personalised with the name of the person that will be using the ticket. If the name on the ticket doesn’t match the name on the passport, access to the festival may be denied and the tickets will be cancelled without refund. The personalisation deadline is communicated in the email from Paylogic.

Step 5. Your Tomorrowland Bracelet 
1-day Package Bracelets will not be shipped. You can pick-up your Bracelet at the festival site. More information will follow closer to the event.