How to order your Package?

STEP 1: Tomorrowland Account

Sign in or create your Tomorrowland Account during the registration period as mentioned above. 

STEP 2: Check the price simulator

Before the Global Journey Sale starts, you can already compose your own package in the Price Simulator.

Do mind: prices in the Price Simulator can slightly deviate from the prices of the Global Journey Sale 

STEP 3: Select your preferred shop

On the day of the sale, go to your Tomorrowland Account and click on the link access the Global Journey sale. Start with choosing the package you want to book. Discover the different packages here.

STEP 4: Select your preferred weekend

Select your preferred weekend by clicking on "Weekend 1" or "Weekend 2".

Do mind: Discover Belgium, Discover Europe can only be booked in combination with Tomorrowland Weekend 1. The Surprise Packages is only available in weekend 2. 

STEP 5: Choose the content of your package

Depending on the shop you select, you need to choose the city you want to depart from, your accommodation and the type of Tomorrowland Pass.

STEP 6: Review your order

After you selected everything in the package you can continue and will get a total overview of your package. Please double check everything you chose and click on "Buy Now" to purchase. 

STEP 7: Complete your order

The Buyer Information (First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, Email, Gender, Nationality and Birthdate) will be automatically filled in with the details from your Tomorrowland Account. Select your payment method and don't forget to agree to the Global Journey General Rules & Conditions

At the bottom of the page, you need to fill in all customer details of the people who will accompany you (First Name, Last Name, City, Phone, Email, Gender, Nationality and Birthdate).

The Main Buyer doesn't have to be among the personalized names and doesn't have to attend the festival.

You have 20 minutes to complete the details. Make sure you already have the correct customer details before the start of the sale.

"Proceed to payment" if you want to finalize your order.

STEP 8: Pay your package

The last step is to pay your package. Only credit cards are allowed. Check if the spending limit of your credit card is high enough and if you are allowed to make international payments (to Belgium). Otherwise please contact your bank. Failed payments will not be reprocessed and your application will automatically be rejected.

STEP 9: Confirmation

If your payment is accepted, a confirmation of your order will appear on your screen. The booking confirmation will also be sent to the email of the Main Buyer within 48 hours. Make sure to check your spam folder or unwanted emails.