Flight Packages


Global Journey offers you Flight Packages with flights departing from all over the world. Fly together with the People of Tomorrow to unite at Tomorrowland.

You can create your own flight package according to your own needs and preferences.

Global Journey wants to give you a unique experience by taking you on an unforgettable journey that creates memories that last forever.



  • Return flight to Brussels Airport
  • Accommodation (DreamVille and/or Hostel or Hotel)
  • Tomorrowland Ticket - Full Madness Pass (Regular or Comfort)
  • Newspaper during Tomorrowland 
  • Tomorrowland Souvenir Bag
  • All necessary transfers
  • Belgian Journey (for those who arrive on Wednesday)
  • Detox Day (for those who depart on Tuesday)



For your accommodation you can choose between:

  • DreamVille
  • Hostels: you sleep in a single bed in a dormitory with shared bathroom.
  • Bronze, Silver or Gold Hotel
  • Tomorrowland Theme Hotel
  • Concept Hotel
  • Depending on your arrival and departure date: a combination of DreamVille and a Hotel

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Regular Flights

Global Journey tries to group as many visitors as possible so you travel together with the People of Tomorrow.

Special Tomorrowland Party Flight

These are flights with a special Tomorrowland act on board. Magic in the sky...

In the Travel Shop it will clearly be mentioned when it's a Special Tomorrowland Party Flight.

The different departure cities are available in the Price Simulator.

IMPORTANT: If you don't take the flight to Brussels, your flight to your home country will be cancelled automatically. Therefore it's important to inform Global Journey if you want to keep your seat on the flight back home.




Travellers who arrive on Wednesday are offered a Belgian Journey. On Thursday you discover the beauty of a Belgian city and some specialities of Belgium together with thousands of other People of Tomorrow.


Travellers who arrive on Thursday and are staying in a hostel or hotel can go to INVITED Brussels. An official Global Journey pre-party on a unique location in Brussels on Thursday evening. Feel the magic and meet new friends.


Travellers who return home on Tuesday are offered a Detox Day. On Monday you can recover from the Madness at a unique location with some relaxing and healthy activities.

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