“Brussels has everything: from typical Belgian bars with many different beers to local chocolate and waffle shops. Streets are full of artists playing their own music, the town is surrounded by a nice atmosphere. There are many clubs playing different music genres which is great as you can always find a place that suits you.”
― Lost Frequencies (Tomorrowland Resident DJ)

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and Europe. It is an international metropolis – a mosaic of languages, cultures, and traditions. Brussels hosts over 80 museums, numerous tourist attractions, a vibrant nightlife, countless restaurants and many shopping opportunities. Visit the famous statue Manneken Pis, the symbol of Brussels: the Atomium, the City Hall and the Royal Palace.

Most of all enjoy the incredible gastronomic cuisine. Belgium creates the best beers in the world and the finest chocolates. But there is so much more to taste and to discover!

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