“Berlin is more than a city, it's a lifestyle. You should definitely come and visit this city to experience the most multicultural, vibrant and exciting city that Germany has to offer. Berlin is often beautiful and ugly at the same time. Some people are extremely friendly, others are grumpy. I think this is one of the things that give Berlin its charm.”
― Steffi Youett (Discover Europe crew Berlin 2019)

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a progressive and impressive city full of character.

People observe Berlin for the latest trends in lifestyle, music and art. Inspired by this outpour of creativity, more and more artists arrive in the city from around the world, making it one of Europe's most popular destinations.

Berlin has an intense and tormented history. The contrast between historical buildings and modern architecture, is what makes it different from the rest. Wherever you go, there’s a beautiful park just around the corner. Berlin is home to 2,500 public green spaces, making up a third of the city.

Enjoy a beer in a Biergarten or visit the top of the TV Tower, the best and highest point from which you can admire Berlin. The Brandenburger gate is great to visit at night and the Memorial of the Berlin Wall is certainly a must see! Discover the alternative side of Berlin, its squatted buildings, its graffiti and most of all enjoy Berlin’s legendary nightlife.

Berlin is calling!

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