"Brussels has everything: from typical Belgian bars with many different beers to local chocolate and waffle shops. Streets are full of artists playing their own stuff so the town is surrounded by a nice atmosphere. About the nightlife, there are many clubs playing different music which is great as you can always find a place that would fit for you."
-- Lost Frequencies (Tomorrowland Resident DJ)

Brussels is undoubtedly one of Europe’s leading cities. It’s a city of contrasts with enormous diversity when it comes to places of interest and things to do.

Apart from its famous chocolates and beers there are many attractions that most visitors cannot begin to imagine. It is a centre of European culture, officially nicknamed ‘the European Village’, with almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, fascinating walks, trendy restaurants and bars.

Everyone visits Brussels for different reasons though. Some visitors want to indulge in delicious Belgian waffles and chocolate on a budget, some head to Brussels to explore the history of the European Union and others just want to enjoy a romantic walk. Whatever the reason is, Brussels will always bring back great memories.

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