"Antwerp, an exciting multicultural city with the the best restaurants in the world, amazing architecture and a great atmosphere"
-- Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (Tomorrowland Resident DJ's)

Antwerp – city on the Scheldt, city of Rubens, of diamonds, of fashion, a port city... The sum of all these different aspects is what makes Antwerp into a real city: a vibrant, welcoming metropolis, that is also great, fun and heart-warming, with green areas where you can relax and peaceful corners.

Antwerp has something for everyone. The city is an inspiring source of culture thanks to its impressive architecture and magnificent museums and churches. Fashionistas can explore the stores of Antwerp’s designers, whose stylish creations are admired all over the world. Foodies and people with a passion for life in general will enjoy the warm welcome of Antwerp’s cafés and restaurants.

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