About the foundation

The foundation targets children and young people between the ages of 4 and 21 from all over the world. Children living in developing countries or regions in crisis, with parents that are preoccupied with ‘survival’ or with unequal chances in life.

These children are very often raised in poverty and have a high risk of spending themselves their whole life in poverty. The Tomorrowland Foundation wants to break this vicious circle.

The Tomorrowland Foundation focusses on projects that aim to give them the chance to express themselves creatively and work on their self-esteem.

Personal development should not be restricted to learning to read and write. The ability to express yourself creatively and feel part of a group and society is also part of personal development.


The Tomorrowland Foundation is funded with spontaneous donations and contributions from visitors of Tomorrowland, combined with a yearly contribution from WeAreOneWorld, the organization behind Tomorrowland.



During the festival, visitors have the opportunity to donate 2 “Pearls” – The Official Tomorrowland Cashless currency. By doing so, they directly support the Tomorrowland Foundation.


Each year, a secret restaurant is hidden inside the magical Tomorrowland Mainstage.

An exclusive dinner created by a world-class chef and his team is served to a select group of people. The full price of this experience is donated 100% to the Tomorrowland Foundation.



All guest tickets require a mandatory contribution to the Tomorrowland Foundation. The full income of these tickets goes the Tomorrowland Foundation.