Tickets 2020/2021 info


If you already have a ticket for Tomorrowland 2022 in 2020 or 2021, it is not necessary to pre-register.


All tickets bought in 2020 or 2021 are transferred to Tomorrowland 2022 on the date as indicated below:

Ticket dates 2021 Transferred to ticket dates 2022
W1: Friday Pass, July 16 W2: Friday Pass, July 22
W1: Saturday Pass, July 17 W2: Saturday Pass, July 23
W1: Sunday Pass, July 18 W2: Sunday Pass, July 24
W1: Full Madness Pass, July 16-18 W2: Full Madness Pass, July 22-24
W1: DreamVille Package, July 15-19 W2: DreamVille Package, July 21-25
W2: Friday Pass July, 23 W3: Friday Pass, July 29
W2: Saturday Pass, July 24 W3: Saturday Pass, July 30
W2: Sunday Pass, July 25 W3: Sunday Pass, July 31
W2: Full Madness Pass, July 23-25 W3: Full Madness Pass, July 29-31
W2: DreamVille Package, July 22-26 W3: DreamVille Package, July 28-August 1



Tickets bought via Paylogic 

The following information is applicable for visitors who bought tickets via Paylogic, not for Global Journey visitors:

On March 31,2022, you will receive a new confirmation email from Paylogic with your e-tickets for Tomorrowland 2022. All tickets should also be visible in your Tomorrowland Account. 

By the end of June 2022, the Main Buyer will receive all Bracelets by post. Your order number remained the same.

If you are not sure anymore which tickets you have bought, you can check your type of ticket in your Tomorrowland Account as from February 4. It is not possible to change your ticket type or weekend.