It is necessary to register for the Tomorrowland 2018 Ticket sale.

Registration is possible from January 9th, 2018 - 17h00 CET until February 2nd, 2018 - 20h00 CET
Registration for the WorldWide Pre-Sale ended Friday January 26th 2018, 20h00 CET.

Register here 

If you have not registered, you will not be able to purchase a Tomorrowland ticket. Registration does not guarantee you a ticket.

During the registration you will need to fill in following info:

  • first and last name
  • postal address (make sure to fill in your correct postal address, Bracelets will be sent to this address)
  • nationality
  • mobile number
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • password

After you completed all information, you will receive an email to activate your Tomorrowland Account. Click on "Activate your account". Only after you have activated your account, you are registered for the Tomorrowland ticket sale. 
Did you use the Facebook login? You don't need to activate your account. You are able to sign in at the right above corner of the Tomorrowland website. 

In your Tomorrowland account you can find the link to the ticket sales and you will also be able to manage your personal data. 

Keep in mind!

  • All tickets are strictly personal. You must personalize every ticket with the correct name of each individual visitor.
  • You can buy tickets for maximum 4 people (with exception of a Friendship Garden Package).
  • If you would like to order a DreamVille ticket you have to order one of the DreamVille packages or a Global Journey Travel Package with DreamVille accommodation. A DreamVille & Global Journey Package always includes a Full Madness Pass or a Full Madness Comfort Pass. It is not possible to buy a separate DreamVille ticket.

The first twenty people of each nationality who register, will have the possibility to buy a maximum of 4 Tomorrowland Tickets through a dedicated ticket link. Worldwide Ticket sale prices are applied. 
The first 20 people will be informed by Tomorrowland before the first sales moment. 



STEP 1: Registration
Register and create your Tomorrowland Account. Fill in your personal details. After you completed all information, you will receive an email to activate your Tomorrowland Account. Click on "Activate my account".  Only after you have activated your account, you are registered for the Tomorrowland ticket sale.

STEP 2: Ticket Sale
Go to your Tomorrowland Account on the day of the ticket sale in order to access the ticket shop. *
Please check the different types of tickets before the start of the ticket sale so you do not select the wrong ticket.

STEP 3: Personal Details
You need to verify your personal details.

STEP 4: Payment
Payment of the selected tickets. You must pay your ticket immediately or your order will be cancelled and your tickets will go back on sale. 

Check if the spending limit of your credit card is high enough and if you are allowed to make international payments (to Belgium). Otherwise please contact your bank. Failed payments will not be reprocessed and your application will automatically be rejected. 

Find all payment methods here

STEP 5: Confirmation email
After payment, you receive the confirmation email of your order.
Here you can find your order number and your shipping address. Save this email until the end of the festival. 

STEP 6: Personalization
You need to personalize all tickets between 5/02/2018 and 23/02/2018. Please fill in 
every name and email address of your friends.  
For more information about how to personalize your ticket, click here.
Do not forget to personalize, tickets which are not personalized, can be cancelled.

STEP 7: Tomorrowland Bracelets
As from the beginning of July the main buyer will receive all the Tomorrowland Bracelet(s) of the order at his/her home address. Activate your Tomorrowland Bracelet. After your Bracelet is activated, you will have the possibility to top-up your Bracelet with Pearls. More information about activating your Bracelet will be available in June. 


Enjoy Tomorrowland

* Access to the ticket sale is only permitted by using the personalized link in your Tomorrowland Account. If you do not use this personal link, tickets will be cancelled.