Before receiving your Tomorrowland confirmation ticket, you will need to personalize all your tickets. Each single ticket needs to be addressed to each individual visitor. Before entering the festival site, the identity of each visitor will be verified. 

ATTENTION: The personalization process of Global Journey happens during the sale. 

Personalization Process

After you purchased tickets you will receive a confirmation email without tickets. You will receive an email from Paylogic with a link to personalize your tickets. 

For each ticket you need to fill in following personal details:

  • name
  • family name
  • email
  • gender
  • day of birth

Please double check the personal details per ticket. Further changes won’t be possible anymore.

You can only confirm the personalization when all information per ticket is completed. After the confirmation you can download the confirmation tickets. 

After you personalized your tickets, your friends will automatically get an invitation to create a Tomorrowland Account. 


  • You need to personalize the tickets. You can find the personalization deadline in your Paylogic confirmation email. 
  • After the personalization period, name changes won’t be possible anymore. Each single ticket needs to be addressed to 1 individual. If the name on the Tomorrowland Bracelet does not match the name on the ID, access will be denied.
  • In case you have bought an Easy Tent, Relax Room, DreamLodge, Kokono, Ensuite or Cabana you will need to personalize all visitors and the accommodation.
  • After personalization you will receive the tickets. These tickets do not grant you entry into the festival. Your Treasure Case containing your Tomorrowland Bracelet will be shipped to you via postal service in the beginning of July. You must use your Bracelet to enter the festival.
  • Each confirmation ticket (Ticket bought on the official ticket channel, obtained by using the Pre-registration Link) needs to be personalized. If your ticket is not personalized during the time frame stated in your confirmation email of Paylogic, Tomorrowland reserves the right to cancel your ticket and to offer your ticket for sale again. In this case Tomorrowland will refund the Main buyer (refunding the ticket price, excluding the refund fee)



Name Change

Usually, the personalization of the tickets is final. Exceptionally we will re-open personalization again at the end of May April 2021 for a duration of 1 week. In case you would like to do a name change, this will be possible in the Main Buyer’s Tomorrowland account at that point. More info will be available at end of the May 2021.