Tomorrowland Ticket Exchange Desk 

Can’t attend Tomorrowland anymore?
You can now resell your Tomorrowland ticket through the official Tomorrowland Exchange Desk. This is the only legal way to resell your ticket(s).

How does it work?

  • Only the Main Buyer is allowed to register tickets at the Exchange Desk, all other registrations will not valid. 
  • The exchange of your ticket(s) depends on the demand for your type of ticket(s). Once there is a match with the Waiting List, you will be contacted and your ticket(s) will be canceled
  • The Main Buyer will receive a refund on the bank account or credit card, which the Main Buyer used during the purchase process with exception of the payment cost.
  • You can’t choose the person who you are selling to. These tickets will be sold to the persons who registered at the Waiting list. It is not possible to swap tickets.
  • The exchange desk will ask for your order number and barcode. The order number can be found in the confirmation email; the barcode can be found on the e-ticket below.
  • Every valid registration to the Exchange Desk is final. It is not possible to cancel the exchange. 
  • Attention: If you only enter the order number, your order will be cancelled completely.

Important: Global Journey Packages are not refundable or exchangeable. They cannot be sold at the Exchange Desk. 


Refund Information

  • You want to exchange the complete order? You will receive a refund in the beginning of June.
  • You want to exchange one of the tickets of your order? You will receive a refund between the 1st and the 25th of August to protect other visitors against potential fraud. 


The Exchange Desk will be available from March 20th 2017, 12h00 CET until April 30th 2017, 12h00 CET. After this date, it will no longer be possible to put your Tomorrowland Ticket at the Exchange Desk due to the shipment of the Tomorrowland Bracelets. 


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