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What is "Pearl"?

"Pearl" is the official cashless currency of Tomorrowland and DreamVille. "Pearl" is the only way of payment for food, drinks and most other items at Tomorrowland and DreamVille. 

The exchange rate for “Pearl” is:

€ 20 – 12,5 Pearls
€ 40 – 25 Pearls

The minimum top-up amount is € 20 (12,5 Pearls). You can top-up in multiples of € 10. 
The maximum amount you can top-up is € 1000 (625 Pearls) in once.
Please note that the maximum amount on your account cannot exceed € 5000 (3125 Pearls) 

Attention! Pearls are only valid per weekend. It is not possible to use Pearls of Weekend 1 for Weekend 2 or the other way around. 


Bonus Pearls

For every € 100 you top-up in one transaction you will receive 2 bonus "Pearls" for the value of 1 beer or 1 soft drink.

  • € 100 = 1 free beer or soft drink (2 Pearls) 
  • € 200 = 2 free beers or soft drinks (4 Pearls)
  • ...

In order to receive these Bonus Pearls you need to top-up online before :

Extended period!

  • Weekend 1: July 17th 2019, 23h59 CET
  • Weekend 2: July 21st 2019, 23h59 CET


Important Information

  • Bonus Pearls are spent after you have used your other Pearls.
    If you put, for example, € 200 (= 125 Pearls) onto your Bracelet, you will spend your Pearls in the following sequences:

    Top-up example = € 200 ( 125 Pearls + 4 Bonus Pearls) 
    - 62,5 Pearls (€ 100)
    - 2 Bonus Pearls (Free)
    - 62,5 Pearls (€ 100)
    - 2 Bonus Pearls (free) 

  • Tomorrowland advises you to add "Pearls" to your bracelet online, before the festival, with your card (VISA, MasterCard, Bancontact or iDeal). This way, we are able to automatically refund you after Tomorrowland. Please note that a two "Pearl" transaction fee applies*.
  • All unspent "Pearls", with the exception of Bonus "Pearls", will be refunded after Tomorrowland. A transaction fee of two "Pearls" will be charged. 
  • Bonus Pearls cannot be used for a refund fee.