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Tomorrowland Foundation

When you upload “Pearls” to your Bracelet, you can donate 2 "Pearls" to the Tomorrowland Foundation.

Last year, the Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School opened its doors in Sekha, a small Nepalese village situated in the heart of the Himalayas. Thanks to your support, over 300 children can attend music & art classes and have the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

This year, the Tomorrowland Foundation is proud to announce a brand-new collaboration with MOBILE SCHOOL! This non-profit organization is focused on working with street children all over the world, helping them to discover and unlock their talents and regain a positive self-image.

The mobile schools are extendable blackboards on wheels, which come with more than 250 educational panels, working on themes such as creative therapy, reading and  writing, health, hygiene and social skills. Once a mobile school arrives in an area with street children, the blackboard slides open to create a two-sided 6-meter long  educational tool, helping the street educators to interact with the children. Currently, there are 52 mobile schools in 26 countries spread across four continents. Thanks to your support MOBILE SCHOOL will be able to continue to expand and open up 5 new mobile schools in countries such as Haïti, Kenya, Poland, Togo and Lithuania.

For more info, visit

Forgot to donate? You can order the official Tomorrowland flag HERE. For each flag sold, €5 will be donated to the Tomorrowland Foundation.

We are the People of Tomorrow. We live today, love tomorrow and unite forever” - The Tomorrowland Foundation is the inspiration and tool to make this happen and turn this world into a better place.