Activate My Tomorrowland Bracelet





How to activate My Bracelet?

Step 1
Take the Bracelet out of your Treasure Case.

Step 2
Go to your Tomorrowland Account and click My Bracelet at the left side of the menu.

Step 3
Click link my Bracelet and select Weekend 1 or Weekend 2.
It is important to select the correct weekend. Tomorrowland advises you to double check your Bracelet or Confirmation E-ticket to be 100% certain that you select the correct weekend.
After you selected the correct weekend, you will be re-directed to a new webpage where you can link your Bracelet. 

Step 4
Link your Bracelet to your account and activate it by entering the 12-digit unique Bracelet code as well as the 4-digit security number you’ll find on the back of your bracelet.

Step 5
CASHLESS: Once your Bracelet is activated, you can charge your Tomorrowland Bracelet with ‘Pearls’ to pay for food & drinks at Tomorrowland and/or DreamVille. Find more info here.



Important Bracelet Information

  • When will I receive my Tomorrowland Bracelet(s)?
    Bracelets will be sent to you as from the beginning of June until the beginning of July. If you did not receive your Bracelet yet, please do not worry. It will take some time to ship all Bracelets. 
  • How do I receive my Tomorrowland Bracelet(s)?
    Treasure Cases will be sent (including your Tomorrowland Bracelet(s)) to the Main Buyer’s home address by post. No worries, if the Main Buyer is not at home, the Treasure Case will be left at the nearest Post Office where only the Main Buyer can pick up the package.
  • Have you bought multiple tickets? 
    Give the Bracelets to each of your friends and let them create their own account under her or his name. If you don’t activate your Bracelet, you will not be able to enter Tomorrowland/DreamVille.
    Have you bought multiple tickets for yourself? Please email to to activate your second Bracelet. 
  • Have you bought a DreamVille Ticket?
    This is integrated on the Bracelet. This Bracelet will give you access to Tomorrowland & DreamVille. Check all different types of Bracelets here
  • Scanning of your Bracelet
    Each Bracelet grants you access for one person and is non-transferable.
    Your Bracelet will be scanned upon arrival. If the registered name on the Bracelet does not match your ID, access will be denied.
    Please wear your Bracelet on your right wrist. Always scan the icon to enter or to pay.


Please note:

  • A confirmation e-ticket will not give you access to Tomorrowland nor to DreamVille. Only your personal Bracelet grants you access. All Bracelets will be shipped in advance.
  • You have to activate your Tomorrowland Bracelet in advance by using the same name as on the confirmation e-ticket you have received after personalisation. 
  • Don't buy e-tickets/ Bracelets from a 3rd party. You can never know if these are valid.
  • You cannot change the name of the original purchaser.