When you upload “Pearls” to your Bracelet, you can donate 2 "Pearls" to the Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School.

On April 16th, in the heart of the Himalaya (Sekha, Nepal), the first Love Tomorrow Music & Arts school opened its doors. Together with 300 local children, Lost Frequencies (Love Tomorrow Ambassador) inaugurated the magnificent building.

Music, dance and arts are integral to Nepalese culture and play an important role in daily life. The first Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School is a 413 m² building featuring four fully equipped classrooms, a central courtyard and a stage. Professional teachers offer the children instruction in music, dance, art and theatre.

Your contribution gives the children in Sekha the opportunity to attend classes in the Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School.

Forgot to donate? You can order the official Tomorrowland flag HERE. For each flag sold, €5 will be donated to the Foundation and the building of the school.

We are the People of Tomorrow. We live today, love tomorrow and unite forever” - The Love Tomorrow Foundation is the inspiration and tool to make this happen and turn this world into a better place.