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Faq DV - Voucher Sale

Voucher Sale

Which breakfast voucher applies to me?

Farmhouse Breakfast Voucher:

You buy this voucher when you have one of the following packages: Magnificent Greens Package, Friendship Garden Package, Easy Tent Package, CAMP2CAMP Package.

Montagoe Breakfast Voucher:

You buy this voucher if you have a Montagoe Package (Relax Room, Ensuite, Kokono, Cabana, DreamLodge)

Which locker voucher do I purchase with my package?

Magnificent Greens Locker: Magnificent Greens Packages

CAMP2CAMP Locker: CAMP2CAMP Pre-Pitched Packages, CAMP2CAMP Friends Packages

Friendship Garden Locker: Friendship Garden Packages, Spectacular Friendship Garden Packages (locker already included)

Easy Tent Locker: Easy Tent 2P / 4P Packages, Spectacular Easy Tent 2P / 4P Packages (locker already included), Supreme Easy Tent Packages

Which parking voucher do I buy with my package?

DreamVille Specials Parking: Montagoe Packages, Easy Tent Packages, CAMP2CAMP Packages, Friendship Garden Packages, ADA camping.

DreamVille Magnificent Greens Parking: Parking Magnificent Greens.

In combination with which package can a CAMP2CAMP voucher be purchased?

CAMP2CAMP Packages:
You can buy a voucher for camping gear (sleeping bag, mattress, chair). The tent is already included in the package.

Magnificent Greens / Friendship Garden Packages:
You can buy a voucher for camping gear (sleeping bag, mattress, chair) and for a tent. You can pitch the tent yourself in one of these zones.

When I buy a CAMP2CAMP voucher, can I stay in the CAMP2CAMP zone?

No, this is not possible. You can only sleep in the CAMP2CAMP zone if you have a CAMP2CAMP Package. 

Will my tent be pitched for me when I purchase a CAMP2CAMP voucher?

No, you can pick up your tent at the CAMP2CAMP desk, located at the CAMP2CAMP Area, and pitch it at the Magnificent Greens our Friendship Garden Area. 

When can I hand in my CAMP2CAMP material?

You can hand in your rented CAMP2CAMP material at the CAMP2CAMP booth whenever you wish, the desk is always open.



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