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Faq DV - General information


Opening hours / check-in & check-out

DreamVille is open continuously from: 

Weekend 1: Thursday, July 18th (11 am) to Monday, July 22th (12 pm)

Weekend 2: Thursday, July 25th (11 am) to Monday, July 29th (12 pm)

Check in:

From Thursday 11 am continuously until Saturday evening (Saturday from 12 pm, only at entrance 1 of DreamVille.

Check out

Everyone must be checked out of DreamVille on Monday before 12 pm. 

Are mobile homes/caravans or trailers accepted at DreamVille?

No, mobile homes/caravans or trailers are not allowed on DreamVille, or at the car parks around DreamVille.

  • You will not be able to place your mobile home or caravan at one of our car parks
  • In Belgium, it is strictly forbidden to camp with a mobile home or caravan in public places
  • If you park your mobile home or caravan along the road, it will be towed.
  • Trailers are not welcome at the DreamVille car parks. If you do bring a trailer, this will be charged as a second car.

Can I leave DreamVille and return at any time (after check-in)?

Yes, you can. Once you have checked in to DreamVille, you can return at any time inside and outside of DreamVille, Thursday from 11 am to Monday 12 pm. 

After 10 pm (Sunday after 9 pm) you will no longer have access to enter Tomorrowland.

Can I enter Tomorrowland at both entrances with my DreamVille Package?

You can only enter Tomorrowland via the entrance on the side of DreamVille. You are unable to enter Tomorrowland from the main entrance. 

Can I buy a tent at DreamVille?

You can purchase a tent, as well as camping equipment (mattress, sleeping bag, etc.), at the Marketplace. You can also rent a CAMP2CAMP tent during the Voucher Sale (online sale before the start of the festival).

Prices will be available at the Voucher Sale and DreamVille. 

What are the rules about bringing food and drinks?

You can take a maximum of 6 cans (max. 50cl) of alcoholic drinks and 6 cans/bottles of soft drink (max. 50cl, water not included) per person. Glass is forbidden at DreamVille. You can bring your own food to DreamVille.

Can I put 'prohibited' items in a locker on DreamVille?

This is not possible since the lockers are located on the domain of DreamVille. We recommend taking a locker at a train station or other location outside of DreamVille. 

You can find the prohibited items here.

What is the size of the lockers?

There are four different sizes of lockers: 

S locker   24x28x50 cm
M locker  35x28x50 cm (already included with Kokono, Spectacular Friendship Garden and Spectacular Easy Tent Packages)
L locker  37x36x56 cm
XL locker 60x30x50 cm 

Are there power outlets on DreamVille?

Power outlets are provided at each sanitary zone. 
You can also rent a portable battery at the Marketplace or at the festival, which you can use to charge mobile devices. You can exchange empty batteries free of charge for a full battery in different district houses. 

Can I get the same parking spot back when I leave the parking?

The "IN = IN, OUT = OUT" principle is used. This means that your voucher is no longer valid when you leave the parking. So if you have to be somewhere during your stay at DreamVille, we recommend that you buy several vouchers. 

When you leave the parking, it cannot be assured that you can park at the same place again, let alone at the same parking. 

Where can I have breakfast?

If you have a Montagoe Package, you can purchase a breakfast voucher at the Voucher Sale. Only if you bought a Montagoe Package can you have breakfast here and enter this zone. 

If you are staying at Easy Tents, Magnificent Greens, Friendship Garden, Camp2Camp, you can buy a breakfast voucher at the Voucher Sale for The Farmhouse.
The Farmhouse is located close to the Marketplace. 

Prices will be available at the Voucher Sale. 

Which parking is available for me?

  • DreamVille Specials Parking: Camp2Camp, Friendship Garden, Montagoe (included in Package), Easy Tent.
  • DreamVille Magnificent Greens Parking: Magnificent Greens

Ticket Sale

When can I purchase a DreamVille Package?

DreamVille Packages are only sold in combination with a Tomorrowland ticket.
The DreamVille Packages are available in the webshop during the various sales moments. If you want a Package with transport included, you can purchase a Dreamville package during the Global Journey Sale. If not, you can purchase tickets during the other sale moments in January.
It is not possible to purchase an additional DreamVille Package or to upgrade a DreamVille Package afterwards. 

Which packages contain access to DreamVille?

Everyone who purchases a DreamVille Package has access to DreamVille.

Is there a Tomorrowland ticket included in a DreamVille Package?

A Tomorrowland ticket is included in every DreamVille Package. The number of tickets included depends on the purchased package. Within these packages you can opt for a Full Madness Pass or Full Madness Comfort Pass.

Is the price of a DreamVille Package calculated per person or per accommodation?

Magnificent Greens  = 1 ticket PER PERSON
Except for Magnificent Greens Tent 2P Package = 1 ticket for 2 PERSONS (1 TENT)
CAMP2CAMP = 1 ticket PER TENT (Capacity / tent = 2 people) 
Friends Packages = 1 ticket PER 10 PEOPLE (Capacity / space = 10 people) 
Easy Tent (Spectacular, Supreme) = 1 ticket PER TENT (Capacity / tent = 2 or 4 people / tent) 
Relax Room (Spectacular) = 1 ticket PER ROOM (Max. Capacity / Room = 2 people)
DreamLodge (Spectacular) = 1 ticket PER TENT (Capacity / tent = 2 people) 
Kokono = 1 ticket PER TENT (Capacity / tent = 2 people)
Cabana  = 1 ticket PER ROOM (Capacity / room = 2 people)
Ensuite = 1 ticket PER ROOM (Capacity / room = 2 people)

Is there an accommodation for 3/5 people?

Unfortunately, we have no accommodations for 3 or 5 people. If you want to book an accommodation for this amount of people. It is not possible to exchange or sell any excess tickets. It is recommended to purchase individual packages.

Is every type of accommodation still available at all sales moments?

All DreamVille Packages will be available during the different sales moments. If certain packages are unavailable during the sale, it means that these Packages are sold out. 

Is it possible to upgrade a package / can I still buy a ticket for DreamVille at the entrance?

It is not possible to upgrade your package after purchase. You can also no longer buy a ticket at the entrance because all the accommodations are completely sold out. 

Even if you purchase a ticket through the waiting list, it is no longer possible to upgrade your ticket since both DreamVille and Tomorrowland are completely sold out. 

Can I order a The Gathering VIP ticket?

It is not possible to upgrade your package after purchase.
When you purchased a Spectacular / Supreme Package / Ensuite / Mansion or Comfort Package, you have access to the VIP deck at The Gathering. However, the capacity on this deck is limited, so be sure to arrive on time. 

Can I have a refund of one ticket of my DreamVille Package?

It is not possible to get a refund for only one ticket of your DreamVille Package. You can only upload the entire package at the Exchange Desk and offer it for sale. 

Are there adjusted camping tickets for people with disabilities?

We do not offer special packages for people with disabilities. Like everyone else, they participate in one of the sales moments to buy tickets for DreamVille. 

We do, however, provide a special ADA campsite on the Magnificent Greens for people with a disability. At this campsite, you will have the opportunity to camp with three friends/companions. We can also arrange the other accommodations for you. For this, you can email us at



Make sure to check the website and FAQ first, before contacting DreamVille.
By doing so, you can limit the amount of mails in the mailbox and raise the reply time for questions which cannot be found at the website. 

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