Epartnergroup.com and your data


On July 11th 2019, WEAREONE.world bvba/Tomorowland has been informed that a company called ‘epartnergroup.com’ allegedly sells Tomorrowland customer data, mainly to other promotors and events. 
We hereby inform you that we have initiated an investigation and can confirm that these practices do not reflect reality.
As stated in our privacy policy (https://www.tomorrowland.com/en/festival/practical/your-privacy) we do not sell customer data to third parties. In line with our policy, we have not provided epartnergroup.com with any personal data nor have we been able to detect a data leak in our customer databases.
Epartnergroup does not have Tomorrowland customer data and is a scam.
If you have been contacted by epartnergroup for the purposed described above, we strongly advise you to report this to your local authorities and fraude@tomorrowland.com.