Recycling facilities 

Respect the Holy Grounds of Tomorrowland and DreamVille and show respect for Mother Nature. Collect and separate your waste well. The Recycle Club is there for you to make it fun and easy. 

At the entrance:

  • GLASS is not allowed at DreamVille. Dispose it in the yellow bins with purple signage at the entrances.

At DreamVille:

  • PMD (Plastic bottles, Metal cans, Drink cartons) goes into the blue bins or wooden bins with a blue sign. You will receive blue bags to collect your PMD. 
  • PAPER & Cardboard go into the orange bins. 
  • OTHER (General Waste) goes into the black bins or wooden bins with a black sign. You will be provided with white or grey bags to collect these non-recyclables.

Dispose your waste and recyclables in the right bin at one of the RECYCLE POINTS at DreamVille, clearly marked with a yellow sign or a sign with the recycling message. 

The RECYCLE TEAM will welcome you upon your arrival. They will answer all your questions about recycling, help you separate well and help you to keep your camping spot clean. 

You will receive a RECYCLE KIT, which contains all you need to recycle well at DreamVille: information about how to sort your waste, a PMD-bag (blue)and a bag for OTHER (grey or white).

At the RECYCLE CLUBHOUSE you can check out what is possible with your recyclable materials, e.g. with 3D-printing. The hosts will be there to explain how it works and will reward your recycling effort with Recycled souvenirs.

Note that there is a special project for camping gear at DreamVille, which is called CAMP2CAMP. Camping gear taken back home is preferred. If that is not possible, the gear does not go into the Recycling bins, but in specific CAMP2CAMP collection points.