Spectacular Friendship Garden Package

Accommodation Information

DreamVille offers the possibility to stay together with a group of 10 friends. The Friendship Garden package guarantees a dedicated spot in a reserved camping area for your 10 friends, including a private Tomorrowland shelter to gather. On Thursday your party will already begin with 'The Gathering'.

You can make your stay even more fun with the Spectacular Friendship Garden Package. Apart from all the Friendship Garden benefits you will receive 30% of extra space and 10 DreamVille chairs so you can relax together. A lockerbox is available to store all your precious & valuable items. The party already starts on Thursday as your group will have access to The Gathering’s exclusive VIP deck.

A Spectacular Friendship Garden Package includes:

  • Your private Friendship Garden area
  • One Tomorrowland shelter per group
  • Separate sanitary facilities for Friendship Garden visitors
  • + 30% extra space
  • + One locker to share
  • + 10 DreamVille chairs to relax
  • + Access to the VIP deck at The Gathering

How does it work?
Someone has to step up and be the group organizer. The group organizer will buy a package for 10 persons. For every group member, he will receive one bracelet that will give access to DreamVille and Tomorrowland. All bracelets will be sent to the group organizer’ home address, who will distribute them among the group members. When one member of the group doesn’t follow the DreamVille regulations and access to the camping site is denied, the entire group must leave DreamVille immediately.

Please Note: 

  • Every ‘Friendship garden Package is valid per 10 persons, not per tent.
  • Note that you still need to bring your own camping gear.

Registration for a Friendship Garden Package or a Spectacular Friendship Garden Package has ended. Registration for a Friendship Garden Package does not guarantee a ticket. There will be Friendship Garden Packages available during Worldwide Pre-Sale and Worldwide Ticket Sale. 


Ticket prices

27/01 | 17h00 WORLDWIDE PRE-SALE

Spectacular Friendship Garden Package

10 x Full Madness Pass (€ 225) + Spectacular Friendship Garden (€ 1825)

€ 4075 Sold out


Spectacular Friendship garden Package

10 x Full Madness Pass (€ 281) + Spectacular Friendship Garden (€ 1925)

€ 4735 Sold out
  • The ticket price does not include the Service Fee (€ 60,00 per package), Treasure Case Fee (p.p.) and Payment Cost. Find more information here.
  • Make sure you select the correct weekend in the ticket shop
    Weekend 1: 19 - 23 July 2018
    Weekend 2: 26 - 30 July 2018

All DreamVille Packages include:

  • Access to DreamVille– 5 days
  • Access to Tomorrowland (Regular) – 3 days
  • Access to The Gathering
  • Access to DreamVille Marketplace
  • Sanitary facilities