Camp2Camp Area


Camp2Camp is about facilitating your camping experience in an ecologically and socially responsible way. You won’t have to bring any camping gear yourself. It will all be ready and pre-pitched for you. By choosing Camp2Camp, you’ll contribute to a social cause without any extra effort.

You will be welcomed in the Camp2Camp Area, which offers separate sanitary facilities only for Camp2Camp visitors. The Camp2Camp team and crew are at your service 24h/24h.

Camp2Camp PrePitched 2P Packages

This package includes: 

  • A Camp2Camp Pre Pitched tent for two persons
  • A Camp2Camp double air mattress
  • Two Camp2Camp sleeping bags for one person
  • Two Camp2Camp chairs 

How does it work?

  • At the Camp2Camp site your tent for two persons will be ready for you on arrival.
  • It is not allowed to pitch your own tent or gazebo.
  • Because you are joining a sustainable project, you are expected to keep your camping spot extra clean and sort your waste well.
  • On departure, a host will check your spot and your gear to make sure everything is left in good condition. 

What is Camp2Camp about? 

Every festival season tons and tons of camping gear go to waste on festival campsites. Camp2Camp decided to take action. Camping gear that would otherwise have gone to waste, is revalorized in a rental formula. Via social employment, each piece of camping gear was thoroughly checked, cleaned and is now ready to be used by you!

By choosing for a Camp2Camp Package, you choose to support this project and help create a better future for your fellow people and our planet.

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