Around the World

This page will be updated short before the event

The People of Tomorrow are invited to experience this unique event together with friends. Dress up in your most dazzling festival outfit, put up your tent in your backyard to create your own DreamVille, set up a big screen and invite your loved ones for a real festival experience. Invite your neighbours in your garden, decorate your balcony or throw a party in your living room – this weekend is all about responsibly uniting through the power of music.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to unite with small Tomorrowland gatherings at people’s homes – from Canada to Australia, from Japan to Brazil and everywhere in between. Especially during the weekend where normally Tomorrowland Belgium would take place, the People of Tomorrow truly have the power to unite the world. Of course, please do so while respecting local security measures.

Follow these steps to experience Around the World in the best conditions.

Step 1

Get your ticket for Tomorrowland - Around the World. This digital festival will not take place on social media but in a brand-new digital world, so you’ll need an access pass.

Step 2

Make sure that on the day of the event, you have your device ready and that you have a stable internet connection for the best possible experience. You can check your internet speed on various websites.

For an optimal experience, you are advised to use a device with a larger screen like a computer, laptop or television instead of a tablet or smartphone and a sound amplifier. Deactivate your device's automatic screen lock and make sure you have a charger at hand.

Step 3

Go to your Tomorrowland Account and access Tomorrowland Around The World to navigate through this brand-new world and enjoy this unique experience.

You don't have a Tomorrowland Account yet? Create one using the same email address you have used during your purchase. It is not possible to enter this digital festival without a Tomorrowland Account.

Tomorrowland Account