Dates & Opening hours

Tomorrowland Around the World took place on
Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26 2020
Between 16:00–01:00 CEST.

Open for people of all ages and places.

Accessible exclusively on


Timezone friendly reruns 

If you are living in the Americas or the Asia Pacific, you will also have access to two timezone friendly reruns, next to the original live event. You can now select your preferred timezone to discover the timetable for the original live event or one of the reruns at the section line-up.  For people living in Europe or Africa, these time zone friendly reruns are not available. 


Relive platform

Don't stop the music! Enjoy all the performances again for two weeks, available between Wednesday July 29, 12:00 CEST and Wednesday August 12 12:00 CEST, on the Relive platform on The Relive Platform is now closed. 




Ancient maps and some of the oldest books speak of a magical island, long since forgotten, that is home to all the wonders of nature and can be found only by those who are pure of heart. 

In the middle of the ocean, undisturbed and untouched, lies Pāpiliōnem – the island where Mother Nature reigns, and welcomes the People of Tomorrow from all corners of the world to discover all of her miracles.

About its inhabitants, nothing is known. But even from afar, at sea, it is clear that Pāpiliōnem has pristine beaches, sparkling night skies, breathtaking mountains, enchanted forests and the most colorful sunsets. On the island, all of the world’s most beautiful biotopes can be found, and within a single day trip, visitors can experience all four seasons here.

Mother Nature herself makes sure all is in harmony and stimulates our five senses. Anyone who comes to celebrate life at the many magical locations on the island will be enveloped in freedom, purity and music. 

Truly, a visit to Pāpiliōnem will be something to remember for a lifetime, and no one who does so will return home unchanged. For it is said that they who visit that magical island will forever radiate the unique memories and intense love from the bottom of their hearts.