Spread your wings… AMARE

On a mission to unite the People of Tomorrow and connect souls from all over the world.
Aiming to capture beautiful memories and create everlasting friendships.
Amare is ready to go on this magnificent journey through European skies, over the next five years.

We are one world.
Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever.

Meet Amare

Amare is not just an aircraft.

It symbolizes some of Tomorrowland’s most important values, including love, friendship, and unity. Tomorrowland is the most international gathering in the world, uniting people from more than 200 countries each summer in Belgium. Beginning February 2017, Amare will connect the People of Tomorrow for five years long.

In a unique partnership with Brussels Airlines, Tomorrowland developed creative concepts, drawings, and full 3D modeling. Design and pre-production took nine months. Eight artists painted the handcrafted art over a period of two consecutive weeks, creating one of the most complex paintings ever on an airplane.