Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School

“We are the People of Tomorrow. We live today, love tomorrow and unite forever” - The Love Tomorrow Foundation is the inspiration and tool to make this happen.

The foundation is actually building a first ‘Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School’ in Sekha (Nepal) in the heart of the Nepalese mountains. This school is being built in cooperation with Cunina, a Belgian independent delevopment organisation. They are active since 25 years in six countries worldwide. Cunina strives towards better access and quality of primary and secondary education, independent of political, religious or social beliefs.

Both Cunina and the Love Tomorrow Foundation are whole-heartedly convinced that education is necessary for individual and social development. It means as much as a way out of the vicious circle of poverty and leads to sustainable development. By building this music & arts school, Love Tomorrow give children the opportunity to create a better future for themselves. Your donation is a symbol of unity and contributes to build this school.