Before the sale

Do I need to register to purchase a Global Journey package?

Yes, you need to register to purchase a Global Journey Package.

What are the different destinations I can travel from?

What are the different types of rooms in the hotels?

  • You can choose between a Single room or a Double room. Global Journey can't guarantee whether you will have 2 separate beds or one double bed.  
  • You can choose between a limited amount of 3 and 4 person rooms in Meininger.

Do I need to personalize my Tomorrowland Ticket?

You don’t need to personalize your tickets when you have bought a Global Journey Package. Global Journey handles it for you with the data you registered during purchase.

Is a Tomorrowland Ticket included in a Global Journey package?

A Tomorrowland Full Madness Pass (3 day access) or Full Madness Comfort Pass (3 day comfort access) is always included in a Global Journey package.

Can I purchase a package for 3 persons in the same type of accommodation?

  • If you choose to stay at DreamVille, you can choose 3x Magnificent Greens. If you don’t want to bring your own tent, you can take the Magnificent Greens Tent Package (combining a 2 Persons Tent and/or a 1 Person tent).
  • If you choose to stay in a hotel, you can choose:
    • 3 single rooms OR
    • 1 double room and 1 single room

Do all the Flight Packages include a Party Flight?

No. In the Travel Shop and Price Simulator it is clearly mentioned when it's a Special Tomorrowland Party Flight.

Check the difference of the flights here.

What is a Hostel?

The hostels have been carefully selected for Global Journey visitors. If you choose this accommodation, you sleep in a single bed in a dormitory with shared bathroom.

During the sale

How many tickets can I purchase per order?

You can buy up to 4 tickets (=4 persons) per order. (except the Friendship Travel Packages)

What are the different payment methods during the Global Journey sale?

Please check all different payment methods here.

After the sale - Booking

Can I change my Global Journey Package to another weekend?

Global Journey packages cannot be changed, so be aware you purchase a package for the correct weekend.

Check Opening Hours for more info about the dates of Tomorrowland.

Can I upgrade my Global Journey Package?

You cannot upgrade your Global Journey package. Make sure you choose the correct type of Tomorrowland ticket along with your Global Journey package.

Can I change the name on my Global Journey Package or Tomorrowland tickets?

Be careful when finalizing your purchase. Name changes are not possible. Only in case of urgent matter, Global Journey will accept name changes until 30/04/2018 implying a fee of €350-, per name change. After this date no name change will be accepted.

Important reason: your Treasure Case with Tomorrowland Bracelet need to be sent to your home address.

Can I change the time schedule for my Flight, Train or Bus?

You cannot change your time schedule after purchasing, so make sure you check the timings when you buy your package. If the departure time of your train/flight/bus changes, you will receive an update by email and you can check it in the Tomorrowland Account.

Can I resell my tickets at the online exchange desk?

There is no exchange desk for Global Journey Packages.

Global Journey Packages are non-refundable. Make sure to check your package very carefully. Changes of transport, accommodation, type of Tomorrowland Pass will not be possible after reservation and booking.

After the sale - Practical

Where can I find an overview of my Global Journey booking?

After purchasing a Global Journey package the main buyer will receive a confirmation email. You can also find an overview of your order in the Tomorrowland Account.

Is it possible to get an invoice of my Global Journey package?

Invoices won't be created for a Global Journey package. You will receive a Booking Confirmation via email after purchasing and you can use your booking overview in the Tomorrowland Account.

How much luggage can I bring?

Global Journey Packages are composed with different airlines, train and bus companies. Luggage allowance can vary on the airline or train company the Global Journey Package is composed with.

  • Flight Package: The allowance is usually a minimum of 20kgs per person but can vary by airline. Make sure to check the website of the airline you’ll be traveling with.
    Flights with Brussels Airlines: 2x checked baggage (max 23kg) + hand luggage (8kg)
  • Train PackageEurostar - Thalys (no alcohol is allowed on the Eurostar from London)
  • Bus Package: 1 hand luggage (max. 7kg) + 1 baggage (max. 20kg) + 1 tent (max. 10kg)

What happens if I don't use my Flight, Train or Bus to Brussels?

If you don't take your flight, train or bus to Brussels, you need to pick up your personal Global Journey envelope with all information somewhere else. This is possible as from Friday July 20th.

  • If you stay at DreamVille, please go to the Global Journey Desk at DreamVille Entrance 1.
  • If you stay at a hostel or hotel, please go to the Global Journey Desk at Tomorrowland Main Entrance.

DO MIND: If you don't use your flight to Brussels, your flight to your home country will be cancelled automatically. Please inform the Global Journey Call Center before April 30th if you don’t want to cancel your flight back home. Contact details will follow in your booking confirmation email after purchase or in the Tomorrowland Account.

What do I need to do if I miss my Flight, Train or Bus?

  • You will receive detailed information regarding your personal travel schedule. Please follow the instructions. Global Journey is not responsible if you miss your flight, train or bus.
  • In case you do miss your flight, please contact the Global Journey Call Center. Contact details will be in your booking confirmation email and in the Tomorrowland Account.

Where can I pick up my Tomorrowland Bracelet?

Your Tomorrowland Bracelet(s) will be sent to the home address of the main buyer (except Discover Europe). You will find more info about this procedure in the Tomorrowland Account once you purchased a Global Journey package.

Discover Europe: You will receive your Tomorrowland Bracelet at your hotel in Brussels on Wednesday July 18th 2018.

What happens when I'm not home when my Tomorrowland Bracelet will be delivered?

If you are not home when your Tomorrowland Bracelet arrives at your home address, you will have time to pick it up at the post office. Keep in mind Tomorrowland uses registered mail. After a couple of days they will be sent back to Tomorrowland.

If you are not able to pick up your Bracelet at the post office, you will need to collect your Tomorrowland Bracelet at the "Global Journey Will Call Desk" at the Tomorrowland Main Entrance or DreamVille Entrance 1 (depending on the package you bought). Do not forget to bring your printed booking confirmation & ID/passport.

  • Global Journey Packages with DreamVille combination: you can pick up your Bracelet at the Global Journey Desk at DreamVille Entrance 1.
  • Global Journey Packages with hotel: you can pick up your Bracelet at the Global Journey Desk at the Tomorrowland Main Entrance.

Where can I pick up my Global Journey Shuttle Bracelet?

Please bring your printed booking confirmation to pick up your Global Journey envelope with Shuttle Bracelet. You have to pick it up at:

  • for Flight packages: Brussels Airport at arrival
  • for Train packages: the train station where you depart
  • for Bus packages: the pick-up location where you depart
  • for Hotel packages: your hotel in Brussels at arrival
  • for Discover Europe: your hotel in Brussels (in every other city you receive a Discover Europe envelope)
  • for Discover Belgium: your hotel in Brussels at arrival
  • for Friendship Travel packages: your accommodation at arrival

Discover Europe

Can Discover Europe be combined with 2 weekends of Tomorrowland?

Discover Europe can only be purchased with Tomorrowland Weekend 1 (July 20th to July 22nd).

Is the flight from my home country to the first city of Discover Europe included?

The Discover Europe experience starts in the accommodation of your first chosen city and ends in the accommodation of your last chosen city. This means you need to book your own transport from your home to your first accommodation and from your last accommodation back home.

Can I upgrade my package to silver?

Upgrades are not possible. Please carefully select your choice of accommodation category before you buy your package. 

When will I receive my Flight or Train tickets?

You can find more information in your Tomorrowland Account about tickets, vouchers,...

What should I do if I miss one of my flights, trains or buses during the journey?

You can view your itinerary in the Tomorrowland Account. Please read the instructions carefully. Global Journey is not responsible if you miss your flight, train or bus.

In case you did miss your flight, train or bus, please contact the Global Journey Call Center. Contact details will be in your booking confirmation email and in the Tomorrowland Account.


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