FAQ Tomorrowland Account

Faq TLBE Tomorrowland Account

General Questions

Why do I need to create an account?

By creating a Tomorrowland Account, you are registered for the Tomorrowland 2019 ticket sales. You need to use your Tomorrowland Account to enter the ticket sales. 
In your Account you find your personal details, preferences and ticket sale dates. In the future other information about Tomorrowland will be available. 

More information here


I have problems with my Tomorrowland account? I did not receive the email to activate my account?

Did you use the Facebook login? You don't need to activate your account. You are able to sign in at the right above corner of the Tomorrowland website. 

You did not use the Facebook login? 
Tomorrowland uses a service that prevents blocking the email to most providers. However there still can be a delivery issue for various reasons. 

  • Double check your SPAM, Unwanted or mail Quarantaine folder.
  • After checking your SPAM and other folders, please register again with the correct email address. 

I made a typo in my personal details.

  • Typo in your name?
    Please contact Tomorrowland by the contact form you find in the FAQ page. 
  • Typo in your address or somewhere else? You are able to adapt this in your account at the section Account when you are logged in. 
  • Please note changing the address in your account does not change your shipping address.

I do not see my tickets or booking in my Tomorrowland Account

If you have your confirmation email of Paylogic or Global Journey you do not need to worry.

Your booking or tickets are visible in the Tomorrowland Account which you have used during purchase, this is either email or Facebook.

It is possible that tickets or bookings are temporally removed out of the account because of updates but this does not affect your purchase.